Monday, 11 July 2011

Goodbyes are hard.


I decided to write this blog about my life in the next year so that I can keep my friends up to date and I can look back over my time here.

For those of you not connected to the planet I am leaving and moving to the other side of the earth to work in Sydney for a year on placement as part of my degree. I’m going to be a brain researcher! What do we want? Braaaaaaains. When do we want it? Braaaaaaaaains. (Still makes me lol) but yea I’m working with the brain and mind research center in Sydney on neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It all sounds rather interesting and I’m looking forwards to the professional environment and the new city (and it not always being so flipping cold!) but what it means is I have to say goodbye to everyone for a year. I’ve already done uni people and moved out of my little house. My room looked so empty and sad, I love that room! I’ve had some good times in that room (no not like that… ok well some of them like that) but I’m going to miss my little house with all its little quirks. Also I had to say goodbye to people like Pete and Sam that are leaving the uni at the end of next year I may never see again!! They were people I would see at least once a week and now I may not see them for years if at all. Pete did a good job of getting me drunk on banana beer as a farewell and Sam and I went for lunch a bit back which was nice. Saying goodbye to my housemates was a bit surreal. I’ve seen them pretty much every day for the last year so it’s going to be odd without them. Other coursemates I had to say goodbye to and I’ve been for many goodbye coffees and meals and things, it’s costing me a fortune to say goodbye to people! Some goodbyes were rather emotional like saying goodbye to Nathan. That was really sad. I don’t cry very often but all these goodbyes are making me shed a few tears. It’s all a bit stressful and I don’t deal with emotions well so it’s all a bit overwhelming. And it’s not like its over yet either! I’ve got less than 4 weeks left to say bye to everyone. It’s just…. Mad.

 I’m trying to make sure I see everyone one last time and yesterday I was going to see Becca as she failed at coming to mine on Friday, but Dani texted me at the last minute saying she wanted to come to so I changed the plan to come see her first and then we would both go to see Becca. Then just as I was driving off Becca texted saying wanna go swimming? So I had to run back inside and pick up a swimsuit aaaaaaaah stress stress stress, and I remembered I said I’d take some bras to Becca as her boobs are smaller now and my old C and B cups will fit her. I found them in my “clothes that I don’t wear anymore bin” I can’t believe I used to fill those. But anyway, so I picked up Dani who was less than impressed with the swimming idea. So Dani was a stick in the mud and sat on the side. Becca swam up and down a few times but then I convinced her that it was boring and pissing about with floats was a lot more fun; tired myself out nicely. Then after a stressful (for Dani) drive back we went to see Naomi and just chilled there. It was really nice to see both Becca and Naomi. I went back to Dani's and made the most bizarre pasta dinner! It involved frying blitzed sausages with veg and it was all a bit weird but tasty none the less. I was meant to go home about 11 but while we were chilling on Facebook Dani discovered some bad news and was rather shaken so I stayed overnight with her and she seemed a lot better in the morning. She was better than I thought she would be overall to be honest, I was rather proud of my dandan. So anyway she had work this morning so that’s why I’ve been up since 8.30 this morning. I haven’t seen 8.30 in a very long while.
Running out of time

But it will be things like this that I will miss when I’m away. The silly things like mucking about in a swimming pool and cooking weird food. And what happens when I have bad news and Dani isn’t there to keep me company overnight? Even more so, how is Dani going to cope without me being there for her?!  There are lots more goodbyes to go, and I am not looking forward to them at all.