Saturday, 16 July 2011

Half Price Coffee

Why do these mugs remind me of my brother?
So today I went for an impromptu coffee with Steph. Costa is doing half price coffee between 4pm and 6pm so we went on the dot of 4 and I stood in the queue while she hunted for a free table. We make quite a team and shortly we were drinking from those huge double handed coffee mugs. I remember the last time I had a drink in one of these was February 2009 when I had a spectacularly bad day and just wandered into the nearest coffee shop and ordered “hot chocolate please, the biggest size you do” and was presented with this huge bowl of what was apparently hot chocolate though I don’t remember tasting it. But never mind, this was a much happier giant soy caramel latte and nothing at all like a commiserating hot chocolate. Steph and I can always chat and it was nice to have the time to spend with her as she is away a lot. Recently her laptop has been away being fixed so we have had to actually phone each other. I forgot how much better it is to talk to someone on the phone than text or msn etc. She is going away again maybe as soon as tomorrow so we wanted to meet up one last time before I go. So that’s her gone for a year.

Also, last night I had a few of my “Grown Up” friends over for dinner. I don’t mean grown up as in they are older than me but I mean they enjoy fine food and wine rather than a kebab and value vodka. So myself, Fliss, Dom and Phil sat about my kitchen table into the small hours of the morning discussing everything pretty much. By 2am it had degenerated into fairly hard core theoretical philosophy that mostly I just listened to as I had little to contribute to the topic but found it interesting none the less. In bed by four but the following morning I was rather aware that I was now another 3 friends closer to having said goodbye to everyone and leaving for Oz.

I am 4 friends closer now including Steph. It’s kinda scary. It almost makes me not want to see my friends as I know it will be goodbye. I know that’s backwards logic because time will carry on regardless and the time for me to leave will come if I am ready or not. Eeeep.