Sunday, 24 July 2011

How many guys can you make wince with a fake penis?

Gotta love Rolf!
Firstly for those of you that don’t understand the title I am not going to explain it, those of you that do understand the title then I hope you giggled/felt the pain again, especially Rachy.

Ok so Friday was my leaving party organised by the lovely James and Dani though they had help from Rachy and Dave. I think everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong! But somehow it was still an amazing night. There were cards and banners and presents and a song that I never heard and a private booth and free drinks and a lot of time and effort was spent making me feel special and loved. What they didn’t take into consideration was wardrobe malfunctions, my shoes killing me, having to get up early and a lot of rain!!! Needless to say my brand new outfit was changed within hours and my newly cut and dyed (nearly 3 hours in the hairdressers earlier that day) hair went from stylishly curled and full of volume to soaked and looking like a drowned rat before I even got into the club!

Be that as it may, I only bought one drink the whole night and managed to get really rather drunk on my brilliant line of “You haven’t bought me a drink yet!” and I had a good night dancing away with my friends and chilling in my private booth that I still have the sign from.

Australia Cake
The point is that just because the little details didn’t go according to plan it doesn’t mean that it’s a disaster. I think sometimes I forget that. Yes I did get upset when not all the people that said they would come came, but the people I needed there were. I know I didn’t look how I wanted to but the people I was with have seen me a lot worse and besides they were there because they loved me so it didn’t matter how I looked. And as for the lost sleep, there will be plenty of time to sleep later. Just got to go with the flow and enjoy it!