Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Popping Peas

Ok I have said “popping peas” to three people now and none of them knew what I meant so if you know what I mean then skip to the second paragraph.  For about a fortnight every summer they sell peas in the pod. They are much fresher and taste really good. But to get the peas out you have to squeeze the end of the pod till it pops open and then you can split the pod and ping out the peas inside.

So mum and I always pop peas. I’m not sure why but we do and its really fun. It might not sound it but it is and the peas taste yummy raw so you eat one pea per pod you pop. Anyway it made me realise how the simple things really are the best things to make you feel better. This Friday my friends are throwing me a leaving party and I am really looking forwards to it, hopefully it will be full of more simple yet amazing things. I know James and Dave have written me a song and I know there are more surprises on the way. We are all on student budgets so there will be no surprise diamonds but I think that what does happen will be better as people have taken the time and energy to make a night purely about me.

So I am feeling the love from my friends and this is a public thanks to everyone that has gone out of their way to make me feel special and loved in my last few weeks in the country, especially to Dani and James for organising my party. See you all soon!