Sunday, 7 August 2011

Jet lag sucks!

Hello from the land down under! Its winter here and I’m wearing shorts and a vest, its 9 hours ahead so when I have to get up at 7.30am my body thinks its 4.30pm here which is weird and they work in dollars which are brightly coloured and look a lot like monopoly money! Ok so now you’re up to speed on Australia.

Our plane
We arrived only slightly delayed in Sydney airport on Thursday morning (having set off from the UK Tuesday evening) to a cooler temperature than we left England! Well it is winter here, it’s so odd to think that this is winter but it is! There aren’t any leaves on the trees and there aren’t any bugs so it must be winter. The flights were easy and we were kept well entertained with on-board games, TV and movies. I watched tangled, which was the expected amusing fairy-tale gone wrong you have come to expect from Disney, water for elephants, which was really good and I would recommend it, and inception which was an interesting concept but a tad predictable. I also slept as much as possible. Time seems to have no meaning on a plane and your body has no idea what’s going on so the only way to tell the time is to look at how long the plane has been in the air.

Our room
Anyway, we finally got here and we were met by Eloise’s sister and Nat who is the girl who is out here from Uni from last year. We all bundled into a taxi and were taken to our new home for the next 4 weeks. Our room is nice and large, our small amount of belongings we were allowed to bring look rather sad and small in the cupboards and drawers. There is a large kitchen and a pretty little roof terrace so it’s a nice place to live. 

The first couple of days we spent doing boring things like setting up bank accounts, phones and food shopping. I can honestly say I had the most fun I have ever had in a bank when I set up my account here. The guy was chatting about all the British celebs and gossip so the conversation was more suited to being at the hairdressers or something rather than the bank! I sorted out a new mobile too. It’s annoying that they don’t do pay as you go phones here! You have to get something called prepaid and you buy a $30 minimum recharge (aka top up) card and then the network multiplies that to give you your credit. Like I get $300 worth of calls but free texts to Oz numbers and unlimited Facebook but my phones looking for English mobile internet so can’t connect. I will get it fixed soon. But the credit expires after 30 days so it’s a bit like a rolling one month contract but you don’t have to renew as soon as the 30 days are up, you can go without your phone for a bit. Oh and Mum, I was food shopping and I found Anzac biscuits! They are a bit like soft hobnobs but with peanuts and coconut. Sounds odd but they are nice. Everyone else reading this won’t get that but never mind.

Opera House!!
Where was I? Oh yea, walking down George street. George Street is the main street that goes from the bottom of the city right the way through the middle to the very top where the opera house and the bridge are. This city is so odd! The architecture is all higgledy piggledy. As in none of it matches. You can have a skyscraper made of all glass next to what looks like a really old red brick town hall! And there are banks everywhere! Literally every 200m there’s one of every bank. It’s a really long walk down to the water but when we got there it was like being in a poster or something. The bridge and the opera house are just as impressive if not more so in person. We had a beer from the opera bar and sat and watched the sun set behind the bridge. It was very cool. 

Our internetz
All of us are getting on really well. Eloise, Georgina and I are all in the same room for now but it’s really not an issue. I feel very lucky that I’m not here on my own and I’m with people I like. I get on with Nat too, even though she’s bonkers but it’s a good bonkers. (I hope you laughed at that Nat).
Shopping has been interesting. Shoes go up to like $300+ which is like £200 so I really can’t afford to keep my shoe addiction at its high level. Things are so expensive! Like going out last night, yes we were in this club by the water (love being so close to the water) but it was $8 for a vodka and cranberry which is like over a fiver! I am living off my credit card till I get paid and that first pay cheque can’t come soon enough! Mind you we did go to this cool little vintage market yesterday and that’s got some really nice things and cheaper than the city. I found a really nice dress that I want but didn’t get this week. Maybe if it’s still there next week I’ll get it then. 
Sunset behind the bridge
I’m going to go to bed soon as it’s our first day tomorrow! Quite nervous but excited too. I’ll let you all know how we all get on.