Sunday, 6 November 2011

3 Month Review

Ok so I started this blog to keep people updated about what I was doing here and so far I’ve just written lots either complaining or being ridiculously self-empowering. So I have decided to go through my diary and tell you what I have been up too. Well just the cool things, I doubt you care about me going to work or spending my Sundays sitting on my arse watching TV trying to ignore the fact that tomorrow is Monday and I will have to get up and go to work again.

Week 1-2
So anyways, you know about me arriving and stuff. You know about work and what I do. Urm then there was a load of shopping for things like stationary and bed linens and boring house things. I had no idea buying a duvet cover could be so dramatic! I do like the one I have though. It’s very me and all warm and snuggly. But I wasn’t sure if I should get it because I have a double bed and they didn’t have the duvet set in a double size, they only had queen and king size. So I bought the queen set and just have a large duvet for my bed. More duvet to cocoon in, mind you it’s getting hotter now, its 30 degrees here today so not so much cocooning needed. Anyway that’s enough about my duvet.

Week 3
Nom nom nom
Oh then we went to the zoo! I had so much fun! Love the zoo. It’s so not as good as Colchester because it’s squeezed into this tiny park on the side of the coast. I actually felt really sorry for the elephants because they were in such a small enclosure. But still, I had fun. The seal show was really fun and the cable car ride was a great way to see the city from across the water.

I’ve been trying to meet new people as much as possible so I’ve been to a few housewarmings and met some really nice people, met some real dicks too but who cares about them?

Week 4
You know about me moving into my new house, which I still love and it keeps nice and cool in the heat. Oh the only thing is that I can’t unscrew my curtain pole from the wall to put up thicker curtains so I just have to sleep with a mask on when I sleep in the day because of the night shifts.

I also have dinner parties and bbqs with friends now and again. I’m growing up! No longer is socialising just going out and getting drunk, well we do that sometimes too but not exclusively.

Week 5
This was my birthday and I’ve written about that.

I also got sent on a first aid course and got to spectacularly act out being stung by a bee and going into anaphylactic shock. It was Oscar worthy in my opinion but I’m still waiting to hear from the nominations committee.

Week 6
This was the week of looking for my phone.

This bridge
Oh and this week I climbed the bridge! You know the harbour bridge that’s in all the post cards? Well you pay a stupid amount of money and they take you up the arches and you get to see for miles! It was amazing. They make you wear these stupid jump suits and everything you take is clipped onto you even your hat and sunglasses! But that was amazing.

Week 7
This week we had backpackers staying with us. They were friends of Eloise’s and it was meant to be two people crashing on our sofas for a couple of nights, and ended up being 4 people staying a week. Ah well, it was fun. Can’t have been good night’s sleep for them as we only had 2 sofas…. Better than the street I guess. But we went to the sky tower which is this big revolving swanky restaurant that we went to and could only afford one cocktail.  It was really nice to see all the city like that, it was very tranquil.

View from the sky tower
It was also the week of pirate night, that was fun. Totally an opportunity to have a night of flat shoes that I messed up with giant heals, ouch.

Week 8
This week we went to the Blue Mountains and orange! Katomba was rainy when we went so we only spent a little while looking at the three sisters and then went and found hot chocolate. I was talking to the waitress and she told me they made their own diabetic chocolate which funnily enough has no sugar which means lactose free!!! And with soy milk too so I could have a large hot chocolate, win!

Then orange was really good, just hanging out in all that space by the bonfire with the dogs and my friends. It’s the kind of place I would love to raise a family in some day, I could get some horses and just spend my time out ridding through the hills and lying in the sun. Now all I have to do is find some way to make a living out of doing that….. Maybe I should just go entirely self-sufficient, worked for Tom and Barbara so why not me? Maybe not.

We also went to the Jenolan Caves. That was really cool, I like rocks and the dark and being in little tucked away places so it’s very me. Just a bit cold and damp lol.

Week 9
This week I was working on my big presentation. Scary scary stuff. Didn’t do a lot else because of this.

Week 10
I did my big presentation this week and I think it went well. To celebrate we went out to dinner at bondi which was fun. The night after we went to Kaits and Maddi made sangria…. Woops.

Week 11
Halloween party at Kaits was lots of fun. I went as marylin monrow which apparently made me look about 16 as I got ID-ed a lot. We did have fun going out as a group including: Lara croft, a devil, an angel, lady gaga, a cat, a shark-to-pus (don’t ask) and a beer maid.

This weekend I also went to the bridge museum which was fun in the sunshine.

Week 12
Week from hell, such a bad week. Don’t want to talk about it.

Week 13
Here we are, 3 months into my placement. Sometimes it feels like I’ve been here no time at all, and sometimes it feels like I’ve been here years. I’m hoping that next week goes better than last week because I’m kind of fed up of the job atm. Being in Australia is still awesome, being able to do all those things that I’ve been talking about in this post, it’s got to be worth putting up with the job.