Saturday, 11 February 2012

Half Way

Week 25:
Year of the Dragon
This week it was Chinese New Year so on Sunday we went to watch the parade through china town. There were lots of colourful parade floats and dancers and all sorts. We went and got a spot on the route at about 7:30pm and I went and found a cute little Asian bakery to buy dinner. The parade was good but I was still really tired from Cairns so I might have not appreciated it to the full extent.

On the Thursday it was Australia day and I’ve written about that already.

On Saturday I went to the cinema with Kait on one of our impulse movie dates and saw some vampire thing. It wasn’t the worst film id seen in the world. Oh and on the way to the cinema in the shopping centre we got distracted by the shops and I bought this adorable little lace dress. I haven’t worn it yet but I’m waiting for the right occasion for its d├ębut.

That night the 3 Britts went out on the town and managed to loose each other spectacularly but as we are all good at making new friends it wasn’t much of an issue. We all got home safe and sound.

Week 26:
This week marks the half-way point of my work placement. We have to work 52 weeks so end of week 26 is the mid-point. I haven’t used half of my leave yet but that’s splitting hairs. This week I had to run one clinic which kept me pretty busy.

On Thursday I went out for a quiet drink so naturally I got in at 3am. Woops.

Friday was truly horrible. I don’t really want to talk about it. The effect is that my job has changed fairly dramatically. It was a bit like – oh, where did the floor go? But anyway, Eloise had an awful day too and Georgie seemed to absorb some of our miserable aura so all 3 of us went and bought wine and chocolate. I thought this was a grown up problem so I needed grown up wine and chocolate so I bought a rather nice merlot and some very dark chocolate. It helped for a while.

On Saturday we had a spontaneous barbeque, it was nice.

Week 27:
This was my first day on my new job and it was like starting all over again. I wasn’t going to make any mistakes so I wrote myself a little instruction manual which I now value immensely. One of the guys at work was teasing me saying he was going to steal it from me, so I guess people have noticed. I ran 3 clinics and saw 13 patients over 3 days so a very busy deb.

On Friday I got a lot of work done on my paper and I have sent a first draft to my bosses so here’s hoping I get some positive feedback.

Friday night we went to see Katrina at her place in the dodgy end of kings cross then went out. It was fun but a little random. I ended up drinking a Caipirinha and being nostalgic about Rio. Oh and I finally found a decent kebab place in Sydney! Bout time.

So here I am at week 28; over half way through. I’ve been shaken up a bit but maybe that’s a good thing. It will make me rethink and adapt. My favourite quote is from Memoirs of a Geisha, I’ve always identified with it and it seems appropriate here:  “She told me I was like water. Water can carve its way even through stone...and when trapped, water makes a new path... Water is powerful. It can wash away earth, put out fire, and even destroy iron. Water never waits. It changes shape and flows around things, and finds the secret paths no one else has thought about.”