Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I mentioned that something sad had happened in my last post. This was that my dear little pet rat died. Sheldon came into my life after my friend found him in her garden and, as he was clearly domesticated, I adopted him.

He developed an adorable personality and it didn’t matter if we were watching tv together, playing outside or just snuggled up on my bed, he would always make me feel better no matter what!

One evening he was out playing on the sofa with me as normal but then collapsed into my hand. I suspect it was a heart attack. At least it was a quick way to go and he hadn’t been ill or in pain beforehand.

I miss him a lot. A little part of me still expects to see him waiting to come out and play when I get home from work and it makes me sad when I remember he isn't.

Rest in peace my little Shely.