Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Future or the Present?

Which way?

So I was thinking the other day about what I want to do after Uni. And at the moment I am thinking of doing a PhD but in what I’m not quite sure because I haven’t picked my dissertation topic yet and that would probably help me chose what I wanted to continue to study. That got me thinking about how I live my life. Does my present dictate my future or does my future dictate my present?

What I want to study for my PhD will impact on what dissertation topic I pick so in that case my future dictates my present. But if I do badly in my final year I won’t get a PhD placement and therefore my present would dictate my future.

Also what about the past? The past makes me who I am today so surely the past dictates my present. But does that extend to my future? Because when I am in the future I won’t be the same person anymore because my past will be altered as the present becomes the past. So then the past doesn’t impact the future but does impact the present therefore the present cant impact the future as otherwise the past would impact the future? Hence the future must dictate the present. Phew logic.

But that sucks because that means you always have to live for the future otherwise you won’t have one. If you think about it the logic stands. Every time you do something fun you end up with bad consequences like hangovers or debt or bruises or bad grades.  It means being you have to be boring and sensible so that you can get to enjoy your retirement? You work hard at school to go to Uni to work hard to get a good job to work hard to earn some money to retire on. That’s too much hard work but is that what we are spending our lives doing; preparing for a comfy retirement?

Well I refuse to live my life with the aim of being a well off pensioner. Old people complain that youth is wasted on the young, well it’s hard not to waste it as we are too busy preparing to be old!

I will do something for my present this week without thinking about the consequences and letting the future happen because of it because if I don’t then what’s the point of life?

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Unwanted house guest

Remember I said there was lots of stuff knocked over when we came back from the mountains? Well we were thinking maybe a rat or something as it was big enough to have knocked over heavy ish things. One evening I was sitting watching tv on the sofa and I start to hear some scrabbling behind the fireplace. It was one of those noises that the more you listen for it the more you question if you heard it in the first place. I ignore it but about half an hour later there was the scratching again which was followed by an unmistakeable sneeze. Houses always creak and make funny noises but never do they sneeze!

I called in my housemate and we continue to watch tv. At one point I glanced over to the fireplace and I can see a nose poking down. My housemate was rather confused when I started saying “A nose! A nose! I can see a nose!” and pointing at the fireplace but sure enough she saw the nose too. This wasn’t a rat sized nose. This was something bigger.

Possum Santa
For the next couple of hours we took turns at manning the fireplace. After a while the nose was followed by a face. It was a possum. For those of you who don’t live here; possums are everywhere. You can’t walk through the park after dark without tripping over one of the things. They are fairly used to humans but can be vicious if they feel threatened.

Anyway we went to bed and everything was fine until I was woken up by a huge crash. The possum was in the kitchen. We tried to chase it out the back door but it wasn’t playing ball and ran back to the fireplace. As my bedroom is right next to the kitchen I went and slept in my absent housemates bed for the night.
We woke up to find the kitchen trashed. Glass shards covered the floor, there were footprints everywhere and it smelt disgusting. We tidied up as best we could and then went to work as you might be able to skip work as you have a cold but you can’t skip work as you have a possum.

We think it can’t have been very bright as it must have fallen down the chimney to get stuck inside the house. If it was able to leave it would have as it cant have found food and the soot made it sneeze.  Or maybe we had the possum Santa visit us? I did not appreciate the presents he left!

The next night it got more adventurous even coming out of the fireplace and sitting on the coals while I was in the room. At one point I was in the back room and I noticed it was in the kitchen. I opened the back door and went to sneak round it to chase it from the other side. I must have startled it as it ran back to the living room. I went and stood very still in the corner for what felt like ages until it went past me again. It was then a simple matter of not startling it and shooing it out the back door. Success! It pottered out the back door and seemed rather surprised to be outside again.

We told the landlord of course and he sent a man 2 days after we got rid of it ourselves! Once everything was disinfected you couldn’t tell we had a furry visitor at all. Lighting the fire for the first time might be interesting though, mmm roast possum poo smell. But other than that no damage done. Interestingly enough my housemate preferred the possibly rabid possum that smashed the kitchen to the tiny mouse that did nothing.

Australia always has to up the ante! In the UK the worst you get falling down the chimney is a confused pigeon not a damn possum! 

Thursday, 10 May 2012

I am NOT a mountain goat!

So this last weekend my housemate and I went and stayed with a friend in the mountains. It was so much fun! Friday after work we got on the train at the hustle and bustle of the city and in an hour and a half later we got off in the oldest village in the mountains. Friday night we met some of the locals which were affectionately described by their friends as feral. It was rather apt. We went to the pub and then played drinking games and got rather silly. It was (as the Australians say) heaps good!

Saturday morning we were a little fragile. My housemate and I had shared a bed and she spent most of the night starfished out across the whole mattress with her elbows covering both pillows. Needless to say, I got very little sleep. One very large coffee and a bacon and egg roll later I was good to go. We spent the entire weekend bush walking through the mountains. We climbed mount banks and walked pierces pass. Some of the tracks were a little conspicuous by their absence but the views more than made up for it.

Me and the world
Heights don’t bother me at all, if anything it makes me want to jump off the top of things just to see what it would be like but my rather height sensitive friend kept reminding me to be careful and to come away from the edges. She did let me sit with my legs over the edge and lie down so I could peep over the edge to see down and I’m glad I did! At one look out I was sitting with my feet over the edge just taking in all the view when I looked down to see if there was a good climbing route and to my surprise we were standing on a huge overhang! I scrambled down and found a huge amphitheatre like cave! Sitting there watching the sun set behind the mountains in my cave was great. The girl that was in a maxi dress and thongs disagreed but I think that’s understandable when I had just made her climb down 10 vertical meters dressed like that.

I did get teased a lot because of my aversion to walking downhill. I can’t help it I’m gravitationally challenged! Well, climbing up things, I am awesome at. But walking down, I suck at. I don’t trust my feet and I go all wobbly and I think I’m going to fall over with every step. I was raised on the flat land so that’s my excuse. I coped a lot of stick for that but never mind, I was happy when we found some rocks I could climb at a rock pool.

We also visited a cute little tea house and what is known as “the hippy shop” which was full of awesome little knick knacks. It’s the kind of place that, if I was staying here and had a house to furnish, I could drop a lot of money in. Sunday we went and watched a woman’s football (eugh soccer) game in the scorching sun and topped up our tans.

We came home Sunday evening to find the living room had lots of things suspiciously knocked over…. But that’s another story entirely!

The couple we stayed with have invited us back when they are going away to one of their parent’s farm in a few weeks’ time. It sounds great. They have dirt bikes and guns and beer (not to be used simultaneously) so it sounds right up my street. I fully intend to embrace being a bit feral!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

I really should write properly more frequently

Ok so I haven’t updated in a really long time. So here is a month and a half worth of my life!

Week 32
Ok this was a long time ago now so I can’t remember much about it. But according to my calendar Georgie and Eloise got back from Cairns all safe and sound. On Friday I had to attend a lecture on recognising the signs of suicide risks and what to do as a company. It felt alien to be on a medical team discussing depression. I just kept quiet and tried to ignore how uncomfortable I felt.

Saturday was St. Patrick’s Day. It was a damn good night. Georgie and I went out and bought matching green dresses so we could get in for free and get free drinks in a lot of Sydney bars. We had fun pretending to be Irish and, as Australians are shockingly bad at recognising accents, we got away with our bad fake accents; Eloise’s sounded more welsh than Irish but that didn’t seem to matter!

Week 33
This week was hard at work. Thursday night we went to a friend of mine’s and got rather drunk in his hot tub on the roof. It was amazing to sit in the warm water watching the fireworks in the distance with a glass of wine… or two or six. Friday at work was awful. We compensated by going to the pub with some colleagues after work; good plan.

Tapas with the girls
Saturday we all went to the moonlight cinema for Kait’s birthday. You sit on the grass and can take your own food and booze. Kait brought the food so it was amazing. We saw This Means War and for a chick flick it wasn’t bad! I went and met some friends in town after so it was a good weekend.

Week 34
Worked lots. Wasn’t fun.

The weekend was better. The girls got together and we had tapas for lunch. It was a really good spread.

Week 35
On the Sunday mum arrived! But I’ve written about that so read that one if you want to know about that.

Week 36
Mum still here.

Week 37
Mum left and I had to re-join the rest of the working force. What a week to come back too! I was working on 6 studies this week so it was full on. I had clinics and patients in the lab Monday to Wednesday and on Thursday and Friday I was on the overnight. This meant that I had Friday day off and, as we didn’t have anything for Eloise’s birthday yet, I went into town after my night shift to go shopping. I ran round for hours getting the perfect present for her. 30 hours after I last slept I arrived home and collapsed into bed. I didn’t even hear Georgie and Eloise come home from work and I slept through till the next morning. Nothing like 17 hours sleep to perk you up.

Saturday Eloise went out early and when she came home she was greeted with a champagne and pancake breakfast. It was a brilliant success! That night was Eloise’s birthday dinner. It was a really nice restaurant in the rocks and then we went to a new bar that was far too crowded but good music and atmosphere.

Week 38
The madness at work continued with many studies overlapping and needing attention simultaneously. On Tuesday Eloise left for England to go home for a couple of weeks. She was a bit nervous about flying all that way by herself but she got back fine.

Wednesday was a day off as it was Anzac Day. This is a bit like Remembrance Day in the UK but they get a day off and there’s a huge parade and dawn services and everyone gets really involved in commemorating what has been done and celebrating what is being done by the military. It’s nice, I think the UK should have Remembrance Day as a day off too so you can properly focus on the day rather than just spending 2 minutes in silence.

Saturday was Tony’s leaving drinks. We went to the opera bar and got him spectacularly drunk! I disappeared and missed his gastro pyrotechnics. I wish I hadn’t because I had a really rough time when I left and it ended up with me walking for an hour and a half by myself at 3am to get home as I didn’t have the money for a cab. You know those girls that you see on their own with their make-up smeared down their faces looking really rough at dawn? Yea, that was me. I don’t want to talk about why. Doesn’t matter anymore anyway.

Week 39
So here we are at week 39!
Work has been pretty normal this week. I have submitted another draft of my paper so I hope that comes back with some positive comments.

This weekend I’m going to visit a friend in the mountains. We are going to do some walking and just get away from the city for a bit. I’m really looking forward to it! Actually I ought to go and pack so I’ll talk to you lot later!