Thursday, 10 May 2012

I am NOT a mountain goat!

So this last weekend my housemate and I went and stayed with a friend in the mountains. It was so much fun! Friday after work we got on the train at the hustle and bustle of the city and in an hour and a half later we got off in the oldest village in the mountains. Friday night we met some of the locals which were affectionately described by their friends as feral. It was rather apt. We went to the pub and then played drinking games and got rather silly. It was (as the Australians say) heaps good!

Saturday morning we were a little fragile. My housemate and I had shared a bed and she spent most of the night starfished out across the whole mattress with her elbows covering both pillows. Needless to say, I got very little sleep. One very large coffee and a bacon and egg roll later I was good to go. We spent the entire weekend bush walking through the mountains. We climbed mount banks and walked pierces pass. Some of the tracks were a little conspicuous by their absence but the views more than made up for it.

Me and the world
Heights don’t bother me at all, if anything it makes me want to jump off the top of things just to see what it would be like but my rather height sensitive friend kept reminding me to be careful and to come away from the edges. She did let me sit with my legs over the edge and lie down so I could peep over the edge to see down and I’m glad I did! At one look out I was sitting with my feet over the edge just taking in all the view when I looked down to see if there was a good climbing route and to my surprise we were standing on a huge overhang! I scrambled down and found a huge amphitheatre like cave! Sitting there watching the sun set behind the mountains in my cave was great. The girl that was in a maxi dress and thongs disagreed but I think that’s understandable when I had just made her climb down 10 vertical meters dressed like that.

I did get teased a lot because of my aversion to walking downhill. I can’t help it I’m gravitationally challenged! Well, climbing up things, I am awesome at. But walking down, I suck at. I don’t trust my feet and I go all wobbly and I think I’m going to fall over with every step. I was raised on the flat land so that’s my excuse. I coped a lot of stick for that but never mind, I was happy when we found some rocks I could climb at a rock pool.

We also visited a cute little tea house and what is known as “the hippy shop” which was full of awesome little knick knacks. It’s the kind of place that, if I was staying here and had a house to furnish, I could drop a lot of money in. Sunday we went and watched a woman’s football (eugh soccer) game in the scorching sun and topped up our tans.

We came home Sunday evening to find the living room had lots of things suspiciously knocked over…. But that’s another story entirely!

The couple we stayed with have invited us back when they are going away to one of their parent’s farm in a few weeks’ time. It sounds great. They have dirt bikes and guns and beer (not to be used simultaneously) so it sounds right up my street. I fully intend to embrace being a bit feral!