Sunday, 3 June 2012

Shopping, Ballet, Parties, Surfing, Light Festival and High Tea

So I left you at week 39 didn’t I?

So this week there was a lot going on at work again which kept me pretty busy. On the Friday my housemate and I went home with a girl from work that lives in the Blue Mountains but I’ve written about that so I’m not going to talk about it again.

Week 40
We went to work really tired after the weekend we had and had a very mundane week at work. It’s got cold really quick here and my wardrobe was totally inadequate for it, so I went and splurged at the weekend. I bought a lovely big navy blue coat that has a huge hood that hangs over my shoulders, its great but a little too short but you can’t tell unless I have my hands in my pockets. Everything here is made for someone who is about 5ft 5 so I’m 4 inches too tall for everything, now 4 inches isn’t a lot but when a skirt is 4 inches too short it’s a defiantly noticeable. Back to shopping; I got some dark green jeans, some new patterned tights, a dark blue fedora with feathers ( I LOVE this, I think this will be my winter statement piece) and two pairs of boots. I only meant to buy one pair of boots but I couldn’t make my mind up between knee high or ankle, heals or flats, so I ended up with a pair of healed lace up ankle boots which have rubber bottoms so I can actually wear them out in the rain and not fall over for once, and I got a pair of nearly knee high flat boots. I say nearly knee high as they are meant to be knee high but as I said everything here is not made with the taller gal in mind. So I came home with all my shopping bags feeling great. I love it when shoes come in big shoe boxes in nice cardboard bags and I had two boxes!

On Sunday my other housemate came back from the UK and we spent the day hearing all about her trip. She brought us presents too! I now have a cute little big ben on my key ring to remind me of home.

Week 41
This week again was boring at work. It’s sort of winding down now so there’s not anything interesting going on. My paper has hit a standstill again as its just making teeny tiny frustrating amendments. I am really excited about the prospect of having it published though. I think I would order like 50 copies of the journal!

On the Saturday night we got all dressed up and went to the ballet at the royal opera house!!! We saw Onegin and it was really good. It’s about a girl who falls in love with a dark stranger who rejects her but then when they are reunited years later he falls for her but she is happily married. It’s tragic with a dramatic death scene and lots of men in tights with nice bums. What more could a girl want?! I really enjoyed all the formality of getting dressed up and looking nice. I wore a long black satin dress with my silver shoes, poker straight hair and red lips. I think I looked pretty good considering the whole outfit cost me $20 and came from markets or bargain basement shops.

On Sunday I slept a lot; it was bliss.

Week 42
I went to the gym a lot this week. I’ve started going to Pilates on a Monday which I never thought I would as I’ve tried Pilates and yoga before and found them to be ineffective and boring but the one on a Monday night it actually really good and I walk around on Tuesdays thinking: my butt’s sore, must have worked hard yesterday.

I went for an epic run on the Wednesday and managed a personal best! Looked like a roasted tomato by the end but who cares?! I’m not trying to pick up a guy in the gym.

On the Friday we went for drinks after work to a new place in Newtown. It was a little too shabby chic for my taste and the cosmopolitan was below par. I really should write that cosmopolitan lover’s guide to Sydney as I have had them in most of the bars now. We went to one of the girls houses to play guitar hero but decided to leave at about 11 and be good. However…. We got invited out by another friend and accidentally spent another 3 hours out drinking and dancing. Woops.

Surfing lesson
On Saturday I went for breakfast at a friend’s. It was so good! We had pancakes and bacon and syrup and it was all yummy yummy yummy. In the evening we went to a house warming party which we were all on top form for. One of my housemates was oblivious to anything anyone said to her, the other one misunderstood everyone as she is a bit deaf and I managed to insult people without meaning to a lot! The host thought it was hilarious but I did not get any new friends that night.

The next day we were all up bright and early to go for a surfing lesson! It’s something we have been meaning to do for months and since it started getting cold we needed to book it ASAP. Thankfully Sunday was a glorious day and we all went over to Manly beach and spent 2 hours falling over in the sea. I could stand up by the end! I was so proud. It was really fun and it’s something I would love to carry on doing. I’ve got some friends in the UK that surf that go to uni on the coast so maybe I should visit them more often when I’m home.

Week 43
Giant woman on the opera house
This week was busy. Monday night we went to the vivid light festival in Sydney. It’s an annual event where buildings get lit up and light art is installed all across the harbour and the rocks. The opera house is always a crowd pleaser and they projected people onto it and then made it look like sails waving in the wind. We went to the Bavarian beer bar after and had a half litre.

On the Tuesday it was a guy’s birthday at work and I made the card for him. A couple of weeks ago I got bored at work and matched everyone up to a superhero, the guy who’s birthday it was I matched to wolverine so I cut out his face and put it onto wolverines body. It was a huge success.

On Thursday we had our second visit from uni in the UK. I think it went well. He’s a sleep scientist so he was particularly interested in what I was doing but I think I managed to hold my own. In the evening it was a leaving meal for another guy at work. He has been here for the last 9 months and has to go home to graduate. We all went to a meal that the boss paid for which was really nice. Some of the guys had the bbq ribs and I had such food envy for them. Next time I go there I am having the ribs! I made another card, this one was with batman.

On the Friday night we had the unofficial leaving party for the same guy. We went to the pub and played silly games and had a really good night. We got in at about 4am. It was really nice to see the people we work with in a more relaxed setting.

On the Saturday we had to be awake at 7am because we had a horse riding lesson! With only 3 hours sleep we got bundled into cars and taken off to a stable. We went on a hack and it was good to be back on a horse! I miss riding so much! I was surprised at how much I had forgotten though, I was on the wrong diagonals and my heals weren’t down and I’m sure I wasn’t aligned right but never mind! The horse was a cheeky bugger though; he wouldn’t stand still and hated any tension on the reins. Silly greys.

That evening we had a dinner party which was amazing. Everyone brought a dish so we had feta and spinach parcels and soup and bread and falafel and chicken pie and roasted vegetables and mushroom risotto and mini cheesecakes and strawberries dipped in chocolate, all washed down with a nice wine. I was so asleep by the end of it! I met a couple of new people which was great too.

On Sunday we hosted a jubilee tea party! We were as English as possible with 4 tea pots with different tea and I made cucumber sandwiches and scones and everything! It was a huge success. So now I’m feeling very full.

So yea, week 44 now! Only 9 weeks left till it’s been a year in Australia. It’s scary how quickly it’s gone though. I’m looking forward to seeing my parents and my brother but I’m not looking forward to leaving my life and friends here. I’m going to stop writing now before I get all upset.