Saturday, 4 August 2012

1 Whole Year!

Ok I haven’t written in a while. I apologise but I’ve been preoccupied recently. Let me explain. It is now a whole year since I arrived in Australia!! 356 days in the country!

I left you at week 48 didn’t I? Well not a lot happened that week to be honest.

Week 49
Week 49 was fun. After work on Monday I went with my two housemates and a work friend to get new piercings. I don’t have any piercings and I didn’t want one so I just watched two tragus and one belly button get pierced. They were all really happy and we went to the pub for a quick one to celebrate after.

On the Wednesday I caught up with a friend who has been away for a while. I went to the pub with him and a couple of his mates. It wasn’t ideal as my night of catching up turned into a night of the boys talking about football and betting. Oh well. My friend left fairly early. I had forgotten to eat that night too so when I worked out what the pain in my stomach was, I went looking for food. I guess it should worry me that a) I forgot to eat and b) I couldn’t work out what the pain was in my stomach for ages as it didn’t occur to me it could be hunger. Be that as it may, I found a kebab and walked home.

Saturday was wonderfully busy! In the afternoon I went to a tea party which had all sorts of lovely nibbles like homemade scones, cheese board, quiche and more cake than would fit on the table! I took a friend to the train station after and we went for a quick drink on the way. 

Our yummy scones
Then I was straight off to the rocks to meet up with a friend from the mountains who was on a rare night out in the city. The intention was to meet up with the friend I dropped at the station later on but she was late finishing dinner so my quick drink with the mountain guy turned into two or three… ish. We were at the Bavarian beer bar which is dangerous as they sell beers by the litre! And not the crappy Australian beer either, nice proper German beers. I went to meet up with my other friend but I had just missed her and she had got in a cab about 5 minutes before I got to the 3 wise monkeys to see her. 

I ended up in the Chinese laundry which is probably the scabbiest place I have ever been to. I felt so claustrophobic and if my mate hadn’t have pulled me out the way at the last second I would have been bashed by a fight that exploded through a doorway I was standing in. we left about 4am and some of the group I was in were begging to go to the casino but I had had enough. I got in a taxi and came home. The only problem was that everyone decided to come with me! When we got back I made a combination of drinks; brandy and vodka for those still in the party mood, tea for those who had had enough. I was in the tea category. I kicked them out eventually and I was in bed by 6am – woops.

Week 50
Week 50 I took annual leave. I had the time to use and I didn’t want to go to work so I took this week off. On the Tuesday I met up with an old friend from school who is in Australia. We had lunch and it was really nice to see her again.

On Wednesday I went and saw a friend in the city who was feeling rough. Poor guy.

360 Swing!
Thursday I was up really early to go to Questacon! This is a huge science museum in Canberra which is about 3 hours drive away! I went with a girl I have known all year and we were on the road by 7.30am. Ouch. Got to the museum at about 11.30 because of traffic and had such a fun day! It’s not as big as the science museum in London but it’s got a lot of cool stuff. They were testing a new exhibit which is a 360 swing! They were training their staff to use it and neither of the attempts we watched could make it over the top. I bet I could! Shame it wasn’t open to the public. I used all me resources to try and get a go but they weren’t having any of it!

After the museum we went into Canberra. Want to know what’s in Canberra? Nothing. Nothing at all! It doesn’t even look like a city; it looks like a rundown suburb combined with an industrial area. But we found a good student pub which was having a big bang theory night!!! It had a ball pit and everything. We tried to find somewhere to stay overnight so we could go but even the hostel was $40 per person a night! In Sydney sometimes the hostels are cheaper than the taxi home so I don’t see why Canberra was so expensive. Anyway we left at about 8pm to drive home and staying awake on the ride back was so hard! I tried my best to keep talking just so my friend wouldn’t fall asleep at the wheel! We got back at about midnight. It was a really good day.

The next day I had dinner and a quiet drink with a mate in Newtown. I got in at 3am. What is it about quiet drinks that turn into big nights???

On Saturday I went to a housewarming, still hung over from the night before. Had one glass of wine and nearly collapsed from my body objecting. Hair of the dog my arse! But when I came home both my housemates were missing, and judging from the nearly empty new bottle of vodka on the coffee table, they had gone out. About 5 minutes later I heard the front door open but no one move. I went to have a look and my housemate had come home and face planted her bed and passed out. Excellent. I dealt with her and got her into bed. She regained consciousness enough for me to ask: 
“Where have you been?”
“I don’t know”
“Ok, who were you with?”
“I don’t know”
“Where’s Eloise?”
“I don’t know”
“How did you get home?”
“I was on the bus but I had to get off to be sick”
I left the conversation there as I didn’t think she was going to be able to tell me anything else. I finally tracked down my other housemate and went to sleep.

The next morning we were meant to go whale watching but it was cancelled due to the rain. Sad face for me but my other housemates were feeling a little fragile so maybe it was a good thing.

Week 51
Snakebite <3
This week was so busy! Monday night I went crab racing again. Best sport known to man. One of my mates won the same holiday I did a few months ago but he doesn’t think he can get the time off to go, sad face. I drank a lot of snake bite that night and enjoyed the wheel of shots!

Wednesday it was the 25th so we had a Christmas in July meal with our nearest and dearest, it was a huge success! I was in charge of the chicken which turned out perfect even if I do say so myself. We even managed to find all the decorations and hats from Christmas so we all looked very festive.

The next few days were entirely taken up with leaving parties!

Friday it was our work leaving party. We all went for a meal in a pub near work. It was really nice. Lots of people turned up so it was nice to see all the people that cared. It didn’t go on that late but I was still really tired by the end.

Saturday it was our friends leaving party. We booked everyone onto the party bus which is always a lot of fun! My friend in Melbourne flew in especially and since she had never been, we spent the day in bondi on the beach and getting our nails done. The night out was good, if tainted with a little sadness that it would probably be the last time I saw some of them.

Sunday we had dinner with a load of our friends from the mountains. They came into the city and we had a huge Thai banquet! We all had Thai food babies on the walk home.

Week 52
This was our last week at work. 52 weeks since we arrive into Australia and started our internship. It’s really sad to think that I have to leave now. I don’t want to.

What our whale should have done
We took a half day on Friday to go whale watching and saw one lazy humpback male who wasn’t in the mood to jump for us. Whales are still whales though and it was humbling to be so close to such a huge creature! I fell asleep on the boat home though.

Today the new girls that are coming to replace us arrived in the morning and one of my housemates flew home in the afternoon. It was really sad saying goodbye to her, I have seen her nearly every day for a year and now she is gone! I know I will see her at uni in a few weeks but it was still very sad to wave goodbye.

So here I am! A year in Australia done! I have another week and a bit before I fly home to enjoy myself with but my placement year has come to an end. I feel a strange mix of accomplishment and sadness to leave.