Thursday, 16 August 2012

Last days

Time spiralling out of control

I last wrote about week 52 as it was a whole year since I moved to Australia but I stayed in the country for a few days longer because I had to pay rent and I knew I would need some time to sort things out. I'm glad I did because things got rather busy as I ran out of time!

So my housemate left on Saturday and that was all very sad and the new girls that are going to replace us at work. I had also had my coat left on the party bus from my leaving party the week before. So I took the new girls to darling harbour with the aim of picking up my coat from the party bus first bar and then showing the girls the lights and having a bottle of wine maybe. The party bus people recognised me… that’s a bad sign in itself. But they had my coat which was good. One of my good friends had people couch surfing at his place and they had spontaneously decided to do the party bus that night so we decided to join them as it would be a good way to show the new girls some bars in the city. I wish we hadn’t! It was such a rough night, it was basically a Greek tragedy as it had suffering, drama, relationships, arguments, tears, illness and, of course, a lot of alcohol. I didn’t sleep till Monday night because this night bothered me so much. So that’s what I spent Sunday doing really; just processing everything that happened the night before. I felt so bad for the new girls as I must have made the worst first impression on them!

I made up for it on in the next few days as we spent a day house hunting and setting up bank accounts and Medicare and all that boring stuff. We also went into work so they could meet everyone. We did some of the sights among the boring admin so we saw the opera house and the bridge and a tour of the rocks. I was impressed at how much we got done!

The Monday morning my other house mate flew out of Sydney. Not to go home however, but to go on a tour of New Zealand and then across America! Lucky thing. It was sad to see her go too; I was now the last one of the original brits!

South Pacific
Wednesday I dealt with some off the fallout from Saturday night and Wednesday evening I spontaneously went to the opera house to see opening night of south pacific. My friend had found an amazing deal that gave us over $100 off tickets if you booked them at a certain time the day before. I took the new girls too and it was really good! I haven’t seen it before so didn’t know the story or anything. We had a glass of bubbly after and it was all rather lovely.

Thursday I hung out with a friend and did an epic amount of cleaning at home. I also found a bottle of vodka under my bed which helped heaps with the cleaning!!!

Friday night I took the girls out in Newtown. We went to my favourite little bar called corridor to have a cocktail. It was good fun and we met a Spaniard and a French woman there who decided they would adopt us for the night (whether we wanted it or not) fortunately one of the new girls brother had friends in Sydney who met us just in time as we were leaving corridor with the Europeans. They came with us and we went on a bar hop to Zanzibar, kuletos and finally marly bar. It was a good night! When they found out it was my last night out in Sydney lots of drinks were ordered including tequila and jagerbombs (two of my favourites).

Saturday I had another good night. I went to a friend’s house and we got take away pizza and opened a nice bottle of wine and talked all evening. I’m going to miss her!

Sunday I was busy too! I told you I was cramming stuff into my last week! Sunday I went up to the mountains to see some of my friends there. It should have only taken me an hour and a half from my house but because there was work being done on the line I had to take a replacement bus which added over an hour onto my journey time. I finally got there and had a nice day chilling with them. We went to the pub for dinner and talked about all sorts. One of the guys gave us a lift back to the house but first he had to clear out so much crap from his car! What is it with boys and accumulating shit in their cars? There was everything in there: sports kit, food wrappers, clothes, even about half a dozen mugs!!!

Monday I went to see my great uncle who lives in Sydney. It was nice to see him looking better as he was in hospital last time I saw him.

Pizza and Beer!
Monday night I went for dinner with a friend that had found a deal that got us all you can eat pizza and 2 beers and hour at this pub. It was great! Bacon and egg pizza was a bit naff but the peperoni, the Moroccan lamb and the margarita were good! The two beers an hour (yea right, two beers every time I went to the bar!) were excellent. We ended up playing pool with two middle aged Americans who, even with my blatant cheating, were still drawing with us! It was pretty hilarious. Why does physics not work properly when you’re drunk? I would line a shot up perfectly and then when I took the shot the ball would shoot off in an entirely unexpected direction! It was a good night.

Tuesday I went for lunch with the friend from school that is out in Australia. One of our other friends from school was visiting her so it was nice to see them both. We went for Thai in Newtown which was predictably tasty and cheap!

That afternoon was spent frantically packing everything into my suitcase, packing everything else up for the charity shop and having a final clean. It was a bit mad and if it wasn’t for my friends who got drafted to help, I wouldn’t have got it all done!

At 6.30 we were done and I headed to the airport. It was surreal to be leaving after all this time! I didn’t want to go and it was the first time I have flown by myself. The flights themselves were fine. I even got 2 seats on the 15 hour one so I could actually put my feet up and sleep. I slept for nearly all of it too! The second flight dragged even though it was only 8 hours long. I think it’s because I was awake more. I arrived in London at 1pm local time on weds. My dad and my brother came to meet me which was nice. I got two very big hugs!

Rain on the car window
Coming home it started to rain and as I watched the rain stream across the car window I felt a strange familiarity that still managed to feel alien. I came home and set about summarising my whole year and giving out gifts. I think it was the little toy pelican and the boxers that were most liked, slightly annoying that they were the cheapest! But I’m glad that they all liked their gifts.

I fell asleep at 8pm but my body thought it was 5am so that’s not a bad effort! I woke up at 1am and couldn’t get back to sleep till about 4.30am and then slept through to 7am. I gave up trying to sleep then. I spent today with my brother. It was really nice, we went for lunch and then round the shops so I could change the dollars I had left and pick up some mobile contract booklets.

It still doesn’t feel real being back in England. Things I used to know are coming back to me slowly. I doubt it will feel real for a while. I already miss Sydney though.