Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas shopping

So I’ve been getting requests for more posts again which is always nice.

Yesterday, I spent the whole afternoon in town trying to Christmas shop. I spent 5 hours in town and I bought: lunch. That was it!! I found lots of things that I wanted, but nothing that I felt would be good for any of my family or friends. Then this morning I spent two hours online and managed to order presents for my whole family! And I was much warmer in my pjs inside and I had a free lunch! I can totally see why people prefer to shop online, which I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

My primary concern is obviously shoe shopping. You can’t try on shoes online and whereas clothes they can put the measurements online and an inch is an inch where ever you are, but a size 5 shoe is not the same size everywhere by any stretch of the imagination. Last week I bought 2 pairs of shoes in the same day, I bought a 4 in one shop and a 6 in another!

But seriously, it may also be to do with the economy at the moment. Things online are usually cheaper because you don’t have to pay for staff or the physical shop hire. This may keep things more competitive. But if wholesalers are now online they will be able to offer the same products cheaper which might mean the independent shops get a raw deal? No idea, talk to an economist.

I don’t like not being able to physically see what I’m buying before paying for it but so far most things I have got online have been up to standard. There is the occasional throw ball like things that say they are a size 8 but are actually an 18 or things that take friggin forever to come!

But I am impressed at how easy it has been to get everything ordered and coming to me with lots of time before Christmas. Takes the stress out of Christmas shopping nicely as I hate going and fighting with the hordes of people that get in the way, walk to slowly, barge past you, suddenly stop in the middle of a street, stand in doorways, and prams! Don’t get me started on prams! Your baby does not have an opinion on that ugly jumper, leave it at home! There should be pram free days of shopping. Or an age limit; over 18s shopping - Oooh sounds kinky.

I do enjoy the Christmas food that has appeared in the shops though. I know it’s been there since October but I’ve stopped ignoring it now its December and there’s mince pies aplenty, mulled wine to sip and the big tubes of twiglets are back! Why don’t they sell twiglets in that quantity normally?!

It’s going to be a little odd given that I was on the beach last Christmas, but there are some people I know from Australia “doing Europe” at the moment so they help a lot. I caught up with them a few days ago and it made me realise how much I bloody miss Australia!

Anyway that’s my Christmas rant so far. Oh wait it’s not, we had snow this morning! It had all melted by the time I went out but still; snow! It might be a white Christmas after all!

There I really am done now.
Good luck surviving Christmas!