Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Return to being a human being

Back to my life out of the revision ashes

So hooray my exams are over and I hope they have gone well. I now just have to forget about them for a couple of months while they mark them and get our transcripts ready. This does mean that I can get back to living my life and being a human being not just a revision robot. This weekend alone I have so many coffee plans, celebrating Australia day and a friend’s birthday which has been dubbed “the alcomoholympics”.  Now I’ve gone off getting drunk simply for the reason that its Friday or whatever, but celebrating the epitome of my year in Australia is something very worthwhile, and as the “natives” (the Australians, not the aboriginals) use this day to sit in a pool and drink crap beer; we should honour their tradition! We might give the pool a miss though, as there is still snow on the ground that might be a little silly. The alcomoholymics should be fun too. We are going in teams in national dress and will compete in all manner of silly alcohol related games. I am probably going representing Antarctica. Now I know a) Antarctica isn’t in the real Olympics and b) penguins definitely don’t compete but it would be much more fun if they did!

            So having spent the best part of a month hidden away in my room trying to get as much knowledge into my brain I now have renewed perspective and motivation to cease the day and make everything count while you can! Because there are moments where you won’t be able to. Having said this I have spent the last hour cleaning my room because it hasn’t been done in a while. I will cease the day afterwards.

            Also there have been so many things that I haven’t been able to deal with properly and I need to catch up on now that I have a little gasp of free time. Friends that I usually am in daily contact with have been ignored, birthdays have been cast aside, calling my parents has been put off, January sales have been cruelly forbidden, nights out have been out of the question (I missed superheroes and villains night!) and possibly most excitingly; a friend got engaged and I wasn’t able to make a huge deal out of it! Well now I can! Hi friends! Happy birthday you! Mum ill call soon honest! Sale shopping has been scheduled for Friday! Nights out are back on the menu! And MAJOR congratulations so one of the loveliest girls ever and what I’m sure is an outstanding gentleman and now her future husband (haven’t met him yet…..) But that is also scary that I am now of an age where getting engaged is acceptable and even being pregnant is a happy thing rather than a life shattering thing. When did that happen?! Must have snuck up on me.

            Anyway I am looking forwards to getting back to living my life and getting back to the hectic mix of uni, extra courses, job applications, exercise, friends, family and anything else that I decide is a good idea at the time! I’ll let you know what happens! 

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Military Precision and Fabulous Footwear!

My new shoes

So it’s revision o’clock in my little world at the moment with all those with exams coming up (which unfortunately includes myself) hermitting themselves away to try and learn as much as possible about their subjects.  You would have thought after 18 years in education that we would have learnt how to deal with the stress of exams by now, for goodness sake; our education is old enough to drink! But still, term after term we all fall to pieces over the opportunity to show what we have learnt. It’s all a bit silly really. It’s why we are here learning; so we can take the exam and get the qualification and move on to the next thing.

The trouble is, the UK education system is a bit like total wipe out: you have to complete each stage but if you fall off then you have to go waste time getting back to the course and start from the beginning. The slimily continues as, if you ever want to succeed in having a career then you have to out compete everyone else and be the fastest, strongest, smartest there is. The trouble is that there are so many people playing the game that it seems almost impossible that you will reach the finals or even win!

Career plan
It’s a dog eat dog world out there, especially in the current economic climate (Why do people call it an economic climate? It’s not a climate, it’s more like an economic tornado; you get swept up in it and you don’t have a clue where you will end up!) But be that as it may, the stress of exams that may potentially alter the rest of your life, affects us all. Well nearly all of us, I once lived with a guy who did no revision and instead spent the whole time playing star trek online and got the best grades out of all of us! So freaks of nature aside, stress is an issue.

We all have out coping mechanisms, some more healthy than others. I am currently sitting in my gym leggings, a mens t-shirt and my brand new Kurt Geiger platform heels. They help. They really do! I don’t care if that makes me shallow but wearing heals makes me feel more powerful and therefore reduces my stress levels. I also have a cup of tea, a pilates routine and a revision schedule that would put most battle plans to shame! This is how I cope.

I’m not suggesting that everyone revises with military precision and fabulous footwear, that might stress out some people more! I have friends that work on a 25 min working 5 min break cycle, I have friends that practically move to the library and spend all their time there and I have friends that ignore everything and spend as much time drunk as possible to avoid the nagging guilt that they should be working. The last one isn’t so good for effective revision FYI.

But this is more a shout out to everyone who is stressed from exams or anything else! Take some time to calm down and work out what makes you happy and confident enough to tackle whatever it is. Good luck!