Sunday, 12 May 2013

Evolution of a Student

So I know I haven’t written in a few weeks but I have been busy! I’ve been keeping a list of things that I wanted to write about so be prepared to hear about all of them within a short amount of time!

Last night I went to the first of my end of year balls. It was the colours ball to celebrate the sports clubs and achievements made this year at uni. It was held at Epsom downs race course and a record number of people attended. I think over 500 students were all loaded up onto coaches in their ball dress and transported from campus to the lovely venue. The room was lovely, the award ceremony wasn’t as dull as I was expecting, the food was great and the band was well rehearsed. Drinks were a little pricey but what do you expect?

The one thing that was painfully obvious was who was a first year and who was a final year. its strange to think that just a few short years can make so much difference but they do! First years were, by in large, a little too drunk and crossing over into obnoxious. Maybe it’s the novelty of being at uni and being able to attend ceremonies like this one that makes them gain an over inflated sence of importance? This wouldn’t be much of a problem as I can cope with being walked through a few times (even though I was 6ft 2 and bright blue) but when I had to rescue a girl from a guy who had literally just picked her up without her consent and was wandering off with her it gets a little concerning. I don’t think the guy was doing it to be malicious or sinister, I think he was genuinely unaware that the girl didn’t want to be picked up because he was too drunk. He didn’t even seem to notice when the girl slapped him harder than an eastenders cliff hanger!

As the night went on more and more boys were getting rowdy and unaware of the disturbances they were causing and more and more girls heals appeared on tables as heals began to hurt and were abandoned. There were even some people asleep at tables by the end of the night! I’m totally not against having a good time. I did! I drank, I danced, I was happy. But when people are crashing out before the end of a night or causing a nuisance that’s sad. Not knowing their limits cost them a good night.

However as I mentioned earlier it seemed to be predominantly the younger members in attendance that were having these issues. I remember being a first year and thinking I was grown up and in control but if these first years are anything to go by then I must have done a lot of growing up in the 3 years since then! I wish there was a way to go back and talk to a younger me, just to see how different I was then. I don’t feel I have changed that much but I have lived it gradually so that lots of little unnoticeable changes have accumulated to make a marked difference.

On one hand it’s embarrassing to think I was once one of the first years probably making a nuisance of myself but on the other hand it’s nice to know that I have progressed enough to notice it. Having to organise my work more with increasing demands on my time and going through placement year seem to have made me do some growing up! Having to get a job and a mortgage and all that sort of grown up stuff still scares me, but I’ve clearly done some maturing already so maybe it’s not so scary after all!

1st year, 2nd year and final year
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