Sunday, 1 December 2013

Mostly Dead

“It just so happens that your friend here is only MOSTLY dead. There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive.” – Miracle Max, The Princess Bride

I’ve fallen off the face of the earth in the last week and I do apologise for my temporary lack of internet presence and I’ve already been dealing with complaints. But I’ve only been mostly dead which is slightly alive!

So I’ve been ill again the last week. Three years ago I was plagued by a series of bouts of tonsillitis or maybe I picked up an antibiotic resistant strain that never went away. Either way I was very ill for quite a while and even though I was prescribed as many antibiotics as are currently known to medical science, I was constantly ill. At one point I even ended up worse off for the tablets, as I had a bad reaction to some and it made my legs swell so much that there wasn’t enough blood left for my brain… I don’t remember it much funnily enough. Anyway, the Drs wouldn’t take my tonsils out because of my age, apparently it’s only done on children now so since I was 20 at the time I was too old and they told me I would grow out of it in my early 20s.

Guess where I've been!

Well for a few lovely peaceful years that seemed to be the case but last week out of the blue I got the eerily familiar sticky tape on the back of your throat feeling and sure enough within days I was a total goner for it. Since it had come on so quickly and brought with it all the headache and wobbly symptoms of the flu, it’s most likely to be viral not bacterial tonsillitis; so the nurse said (handy working in a hospital). So there was nothing to be done, I just had to wait it out (Where is Miracle Max when you need him?). So that’s why I’ve been absent from the world; I’ve been sleeping it off. For the last 4 days all I’ve done is eat and sleep. So apart from the feeling awful thing, it’s been rather lovely! I had takeaway and company come to me and I found the strength to have a day out in London with some uni friends so all in all I’ve been well entertained.

I feel a bit more human now, most of the flu symptoms have gone so now I just have a rather sore and swollen throat and am slightly wobbly. I’m at that annoying stage of being well enough to go back to work but not entirely better either. I hate this stage. It would be better all-round if I could just hibernate until I’m entirely better but I don’t think work would like that much.

Prior to being ill I’ve been working, I’ve re-joined a pole class so I do that once a week and I catch up with the other grad scheme people every Thursday in the pub so I keep busy, maybe a little too busy sometimes! Maybe I wouldn’t have gotten ill if I spent more time resting regularly but that’s boring! I got so very tired of just coming home after work and sitting on the sofa. Christmas is coming apparently which is usually what happens when December starts and that rarely calms things down so we will see how things go!

I hope that settles down readers and reassures people that ive not disappeared!