Friday, 31 January 2014

Bed time

So its 10.30 and its past my bedtime. I can feel it. Every muscle protests about moving, my eyes refuse to stay open more than a few seconds, and my brain has that dull ache. I used to be such a night owl and work in a sleep lab, how did I become non functional past 10pm?! I don't like it.

Day zzzzz

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Yes its another "tall person" post

Taylor,  my (height) twin
I stumbled across this article this afternoon and every point rang true. It was called: “23Things Only Model-Tall Girls Can Relate To” And while I don’t tend to put myself in any category that had “model” attached to it, the tall thing for sure!

Boys were comically shorter than you until the end of high school. 
I grew to 5’8 at age 12, have you ever seen a giant 12 year old girl?! So gangly and awkward, school was not fun. Growing again at age 21 was just insult to injury! 5'10 just seems too much.

Worry whether a Tinder/OK Cupid/miscellaneous blind date is shorter than you (or lying about his height on his profile) and not knowing for sure until you get there. 
This is something I have issues with at the moment. However asking “How tall are you?” as your first question seems to put guys off.

Having (shorter) friends judge you for caring about dating people taller than you. 
It’s not shallow ok, some of us have issues feeling feminine because we are doing a she hulk impression 24/7, don’t tell us we have to endure that in a relationship too!

Secretly seethe a bit when you see a random very short girl kissing a very tall guy on the street.
Why is she dating him? She should leave the tall guys for the tall girls! There should be a maximum height difference law so that short girls can’t date everyone and steel the good tall guys.

Have to either wear flats when you're with your boyfriend or tower over him. 
Seriously? Me? Flats? No.

Having your significant other or friends actually tell you not to wear heels. 
Repeat: Seriously? Me? Flats? No.

Pants always fit your waist/legs but not the long way. 
Leggings and belts are my permanent friends and boots that hide that my jeans don’t come close to my ankles are a life saver.

You have bad posture from trying to appear shorter in your younger and more self-conscious days. 
And more to that, I have aching thighs after a night out with short girls because I’ve spent the night in a perpetual half-squat!

You're always asked if you play sports. 
Stereotype much?!

You're always asked exactly how tall you are, even by strangers. 
Does it matter? I’m tall ok the specifics don’t matter.

Jacket sleeves and long-sleeved shirts are too short. 
Long gloves are a good option but you can’t put them on while wearing your coat, so if you’re out and have to take your gloves off, you’re not putting them back on. Poor chilly hands.

"Can I wear this shirt as a dress?" 
No. Can I wear this dress as a shirt? Yes.

Rompers give you major cameltoe. 
So annoyed at this one because who has the time to choose both a top and bottom? Plus I bought the cutest penguin playsuit, wore it once then had to retire it to my “You’re too tall for this” section of my wardrobe. It’s like being on a diet and having clothes that you’re slimming into but there isn’t any chance of me suddenly shrinking. If anything, losing weight just makes me look taller!

When it comes to twin beds, you basically have the same problems as a guy. 
Footboards are a no-no. I have learnt to sleep curled up to avoid this but then it’s hard to cuddle.

Any time you are on a road trip, plane, or any mode of transportation where the person in front of you can "recline," it becomes the Worst Trip In The World. 
I’ve started picking the tallest check in assistant and asking if I can be near the emergency doors because they know the pain of being crammed in an economy seat with your knees by your ears.

Combing through the sad, sparse Size 9 clearance rack. 
Ok I don’t have this issue. My feet are rather short but very wide, it’s like they grew as wide as they should be for my height, but then forgot about the growing long bit…. Sounds like something I would do.

Hot sexy dancing, especially in the presence of shorter females, is often a bow-legged and uncertain process (especially "getting low," I really wish people would stop getting low). 
I’ve just decided I will never be able to do this.

Men often think they are giving you a priceless compliment by commending your height as beautiful and often assume that they are the first to do so. 
Stranger: “Wow you’re really tall!”
Me: “Really?! I hadn’t noticed!!!

You've hit your head on everyone’s dining room chandelier/ hanging light fixture. People saw. You blamed the light fixture. 
I usually then fall over from the shock of being hit in the head. It’s not just lights either: trees, door frames, stairs, you name it.

You can rarely be lifted up/carried/thrown down onto the bed. 
Very disappointing.

Not being able to swap clothes with friends. 
Without needing leggings to stop my bum hanging out.

Friends and family buying you larger sizes than you actually wear just because you're "so tall!" 
Well oversized jumpers are in?

That awkward period where you feel clunky and mannish next to all of your friends. 
Yea that period is called “awake” for me.

So anyway, that’s my run down of being tall. People always say they’d love to be tall, well just try it and see how irritating it is! And on that note, I’m going out to dinner with a girl who just texted me to ask if I’m wearing heels so she can pick her shoes.

Day 18

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

More like me

Today I felt more like me than I have in a long time. You know why? Because I wore my green heels to work! Ive had these shoes a long time but as they are bright green leather tbars I don't wear them often. However this morning something told me to not wear my black normal shoes and I should wear my fancy shoes. And I'm so glad. Just remember, you don't need an occasion to be out of the ordinary.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Blogging From Bed

So I'm blogging from my bed again after a long day and a tough training session. Ive made some good progress and its looking like I can go up a class soon which is great news! However uve warmed down and stretched out twice and still feel like I will be sore in the morning. I guess its a sign that pushing yourself gets results but has consequences.

Anyway I'm covered in arnica cream and off to sleep. Night night.

Day 16

Monday, 27 January 2014


So today I was going to blog about some things that have been annoying me recently.
  • Why do people make so much noise when they eat?
  • Why is everyone in the north so loud?
  • Why are men so short/why am I so tall?
  • Why can't I pass this stupid exam? (I did after 5 goes)
  • Why is a whole packet of biscuits cheaper than a slice of cake?
But then I decided that it really doesn't matter! Me being annoyed by something doesn't change it and if anything, it stops it from being fixed as now all my energy is going into anger. So I've been trying not to let things bother me and focus on the good things.
  • How much I like my new handbag
  • How good clean sheets are
  • How entertaining Friends is even though I've seen all of them so many times
  • How catching the bus at the right moment makes you feel like a commuter legend
  • How home smells right when you walk though the door
So that's 5 good things to balance out 5 annoying things and balance is important, trust me I fall over a lot both metaphorically and physically (5 ft 10 with size 4 feet which is a lot of height for such little ground contact). I'm counting today as neutral and going to bed before I fall over!

Day 16

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Why is alcohol not fun anymore?

Last night I went out to a bar with a couple of friends just to have a casual night out. It wasn’t a special occasion and there weren’t loads of us so I wasn’t drinking heavily. However today has been nearly entirely written off because I had a hangover. Now I was good, I stayed on the same spirit all night so there was no mixing, and I had only 5 or 6 drinks so it wasn’t excessive. But since leaving uni I have become rather a light weight with alcohol so that was enough to make myself rather merry which surely is a good thing because I’m drinking less so it’s better for me and my bank balance!

This morning I felt horrible and not only did this stop me from being productive today, it also cost me a lot in food as I ate nearly the entire contents of my fridge! I am a girl who usually eats 2 means a day. Today I ate 4. So all the money I saved by being a light weight is gone from being a ravenous beast today.

Other things wrong with alcohol are there are so many younger people having more fun with it. there are now people born in 1996 who are able to enter bars and drink which makes me feel rather old. They come in and have what looks like such a good time and its irritating.

Therefore I think I might decrease alcohol deliberately to avoid things like this. I don’t feel I enjoyed my night out purely because of the alcohol, I probably would have had just as much fun on soft drinks. Also I am now old enough not to have the excuse of being a student to explain drunken shenanigans. I am sadly an adult and must fight to retain whatever dignity I can. Events combining alcohol and colleagues especially are a professionalism minefield of how far to relax.

Im not saying no alcohol ever but maybe limiting myself to 2 drinks on a night out, not 6 might be the way forwards.  Something for me to mull over in the coming weeks.
One on a night out - not all 4!

Day 15

Saturday, 25 January 2014

How I get ready for a night out

I have to be at the venue by 10pm ready for a night out.

6:00pm - I should probably have some dinner or shower or something
6.05pm - Oh look, Dr Who on iPlayer!
7.00pm - Ok dinner time (microwaves left over chinese take away)
7.30pm - Finally Get into Shower
8.00pm - Why does showering take so long when you have to shave your legs?!
8.05pm - Dry hair with argan oil and heat protect spray
8.20pm - What should I wear????
9.00pm - Ok Im happy with my outfit
9.10pm - Or should I wear something else??
9.20pm - No Im back in the original outfit
9.25pm - Curling time!
9.55pm - Why does this take so long?!
9.58pm - Damn Im meant to be there in 2 mins!
9.59pm - Text from friends to say they will be 30 mins late (phew)
10.05pm - I should paint my nails!
10.15pm - Why did I paint my nails? Now I have to wait for them to dry. I know Ill blog!
10.30pm - Shit Im meant to be there!!! Byeeeeeee

Day 14

Friday, 24 January 2014

Girl Crush: Jenna Marbles

Shower Beer!
So I would have thought by now that blogging would be engrained into my nightly routine. Apparently I was wrong as it still gets to about bed time and I think – oh I haven’t blogged today! But since it’s Friday and I don’t have to go to work tomorrow I’m sure I can put a bit more effort into blogging tonight, especially after yesterday’s fail.

So I wanted to share with you someone I follow on almost every media there is: Jenna Marbles. She’s real, she’s funny, she has purple in her hair, what more could you want from a video blogger?! So I have compiled my top 5 videos from Jenna:
  1. She does the odd musical video. “I Hate Being A Grown Up” seems to be my life atm. No one is seeing my flat in the state it’s in at the moment. Seriously when did I become a grown up? I must not have been paying attention because I was not informed about this. I did not give consent to this change!
  2.  Other Ways To Use Your Degree” because let’s face it, no one’s getting a job at the moment, and if they are, they can’t be picky enough to have one that uses what they spent 4 years and thousands of pounds getting! Although half the stuff she suggests needs your degree to be in a frame and not just in a file somewhere hidden behind your sofa like mine is.
  3.  Does anyone else have those go to videos that they can’t not laugh about? One of mine is “Looking With Your Face” seriously; anyone who doesn’t laugh has no soul. I also found myself going “I owe how much?! *smacks face into bill*” when my last credit card bill came. Also my dad totally looks at things with his face so I just imagine him doing these things. He actually looks in the oven exactly like she does in the video. Its hilarious (sorry Dad).
  4. HowGirls Take A Shower” has revolutionised my showering routine. Firstly I’m glad it’s not just me that still plays with shampoo, forgets to take off my makeup and constantly have blocked drains - surely science can stop this by now? But the suggestion of having a shower-beer has improved my life so much. However, morning showers usually have shower-coffee (travel mug ftw).  
  5. Text Message Decoder” This video should be on the national curriculum! The amount of times I send the girls messages and mean exactly what she says is insane! 

Anyway, she’s brilliant; look her up on her blog,  YouTube, Facebook, instagram, twitter whatever (I found you the link to her blog, I'm not linking you to all of them, I'm not that nice). I don’t see why they don’t all join up and make (My idea, you saw it here first)

Day 13 


I forgot to blog last night but I was so tired I went to bed super early and my entire evening before that was taken up by a phone call to an old friend who's getting married in the summer!! And I thought that was more important than my thought for the day. So sorry world, but my friend making a huge commitment takes presidency.


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Just One Thought...

When I started this 100 days blogging, I thought it wouldn’t be that difficult because really I just had to have one idea a day to talk about. That’s all; one single thought that I could share. Well it turns out today I don’t have any thoughts, well I do but they are all half formed and not ready for sharing yet. 

That is such an introverted thing to say. We have been learning about our personality types and the implications of them at work. I am an INTP which means I won’t open my mouth without having thought about it first. Now get a glass of wine into me and this quickly goes out the window but, with hindsight, it makes sense.

However I have noticed that, since being told this, it has given my brain a get out of jail free card. I now find myself not engaging and thinking – its ok I’m an introvert with a thinking type so I’ll think about things and let the rest wash over me.  This is bad because I don’t want to be quite so quiet especially at such a pivotal year in my life.

I also wonder how I manage to be that quiet and still pride myself on my spontaneity and risk taking. I appear to be a walking contradiction. Maybe I will try and be more spontaneous this week and drag myself out from behind the introvert label.

Hey look at that, I did have a thought today.

Day 11

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Manchester Weather

I have just walked home in prime example of Manchester weather. It’s just before bitterly cold; which is one of the nicest things that can be said about it. It wouldn’t be too bad if that’s all the weather was: cold. But no, it doesn’t stop there!

It rains proper rain. You know the kind of rain that goes *ploup* into puddles because it’s so heavy? And there are puddles everywhere! Whoever planned Manchester foundations had clearly never been here as the drainage is appalling. The entire city spends days under about 2 inches of water some times. This is so common, and puddles become so unavoidable that I now almost exclusively wear one pair of boots that were selected for their comfort and waterproof-ness! They aren’t that bad to look at either, nice one Clarks! This does mean that my childish love for stomping in puddles has returned though, but I see that as a bit of a bonus rather than a hindrance. 

The other issue with the rain is that everyone walks around under umbrellas which mean people physically bump into each other more because they can’t see where they are going! I was very fold of my old umbrella but it was viciously stolen/misplaced (I misplaced it, located it, asked for it to be returned and it hasn’t been so I’m counting it as stolen). Anyway the replacement brolly has been specifically bought with 3 essential criteria: 1. It fits in my handbag – I now never go anywhere without an umbrella in case it rains. 2. Strength – this is important as it will have to withstand Manchester winds too. 3. It has a button to open and close it – because you can get really drenched while manually opening a brolly and time is essential. Though the rain isn’t all bad as sometimes, while walking home next to the big-wheel or one of the hotels covered in tiny lights, you can look up and see each rain droplet sparkling as it falls to earth, which is really rather pretty for those who can bare to look up when its raining!

The real issue is the wind. It’s the kind of wind that goes through you rather than round you. Or worse; barges into you taking you with it! And when it’s raining as well you have your umbrella up which becomes a sort of sail. Given the correct wind direction and a pair of skis, I bet I could water ski home when it rains! Well if I knew how to water ski…. But how hard could it be?

Tonight’s rain and wind was on form. I am soaked from the thighs down as this is where my umbrella stops shielding me, and I spent the whole journey breathing through my mouth as the wind took the air away from my nose too quickly for me to breath it in! But you know, my hat collection is coming along nicely and I do like the lights making the rain sparkle so even bad weather has its good points if you look hard enough. I’m sure that these perks will rapidly disappear when it gets really cold and starts to freeze and the entire city becomes an anxiety attack inducing ice rink of death! But until then I’m going to learn how to water ski!

Day 10

Monday, 20 January 2014

Girl Food Shopping

Today I was going to be productive when I came home. I had work to do. But first I needed milk so I could have a cup of tea. After tearing myself away from the internet I made it to the shops.

I should have mentioned I was feeling hungry and hormonal this evening therefore I bought: 
  • Chocolate fudge brownie ice cream
  • Olives
  • Blueberries
  • Bacon
  • Cheesecake
  • Merlot
  • Soya milk – they didn’t even have any lactose free milk!

Is there a more girly shopping list?! I came home, made spicy tomato bacon and mushroom pasta, had a glass of wine and a slice of cheesecake and suddenly its nearly 10, I haven’t washed up or done any of my work. Damn it,
but at least I have nice food now.

Time just flew away tonight
Day 9

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Making Friends is Hard

When I decided to move to Manchester, people said oooh that’s brave to relocate but I thought they were silly because I’ve moved to the other side of the planet and been fine so surely moving somewhere in England (even if it is in the north) I would be fine! But it’s not the same at all.

Firstly when I moved to Australia I had two other girls with me. Granted we knew each other very little before we moved but the fact there were three of us meant we could go out together and meet people. It’s not really socially acceptable to go to a bar or a club by yourself so I don’t have that option here. Places where it’s socially acceptable to go by yourself aren’t generally places you strike up a conversation: for example if you see someone by themselves in a coffee shop you leave them too it because you don’t want to disturb them or they might be waiting for someone.

Secondly, Australians will talk to anyone! You just strike up a convo with whoever you happen to be standing next to and go from there. I know the north is meant to be friendly but they aren’t that friendly, they should call it the north is socially inappropriate because people just randomly talk to you (and touch you on the arm and stuff – what’s with that?!) and then never hear from them again. It’s bizarre. So you can’t even meet people while out and about.

It’s the thing that I’m finding the most difficult about being here – that it’s very hard to socialise on your own. Even if you find someone you get on with, they will have a fully formed social group of their own that it won’t be easy to just slot you into. I guess I didn’t realise how good it was in uni when everyone just knows everyone.

I’m still taking pole classes so I meet people through that, but it’s not an activity you can socialise while doing as you’re concentrating on not going splat on the floor! I did appoint myself social secretary last week though and loudly announced that I was going for a pint and all were welcome to join me which a few did so I have hopes for that. And I’ve found a new church that sounds promising so I’m going along to the pm youth meet up for that tonight to check it out!

I’ve been here 4 months and it’s just feels like I’m putting heaps of effort in and getting little return but I have high hopes for the next month and if all fails I will buy 20 cats and become the most fabulously dressed crazy cat lady!

Day 8

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Why I Would Be The Worlds Worst Maid

10pm seems to be my blogging time now. It gets to this point in the day and I’m just thinking about going to bed and then I remember I said I’d blog every day and then I panic and make something up on the spot to blog about.

Tonight is no exception. I’ve tried really hard to be productive today but it just hasn’t worked. I started well; I was up at 9am (not bad for a Saturday) made a cup of tea and was then so pleased with my progress that I got back into bed to watch some TV catch-up. 2 episodes of dr who, one of Miranda and a live at the Apollo later, I realise it’s now gone lunch time and all my extra morning time is gone! Bother.

Pancakes for lunch! Then down to planning the day. Today’s activity has been to blitz the flat from top to bottom and make it spotless! This is prompted by the fact I have run out of plates as they are all dirty, and the hairballs are starting to form carpet. It’s the hair that bothers me more. The average person loses 100 hairs a day, and since I have my hair up for work, I presume most of the 100 fall out in the flat while brushing or sleeping. My hair is at least a foot long, so that means every day 100 foot of hair accumulates in my flat. Therefore if I didn’t sweep for 2 weeks I would have nearly half a kilometre of hair on the floor! Ew. The thought occurs to either have short hair or sweep every day, neither of which is appealing, so sadly, a weekly hair sweep has now become routine.

Post pancakes, a list was made of all the things to do including washing up, laundry, cleaning the bathroom, putting clothes away…. it was a rather daunting list. I was making good progress till I realised I was peckish, once id sat down I was stuck on the sofa for about an hour and a half. A little while after that the same thing happened again! The tea fairy visited and it would be rude not to sit down and have a cup. So here I am, gone 10 at night still not done with my list. I think I shall finish cleaning the bathroom and then call it a day and pick up where I left off tomorrow morning.

I have to say I do not appreciate this cleaning business. I’m only one person in a small flat and I don’t think of myself as a particularly unclean person either, so why does the place get so dirty after only a week?!?!?! I am not made for cleaning. Therefore:

Wanted: Cleaner for shoebox sized flat (ironically full of shoe boxes)
Hours: Well, it seems to take me 2 days but I’m sure someone motivated could have it done in a few hours
Pay: Urm, as many cups of tea as you like!

Any takers???

Day 7 (woo a week!)

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Book Tour

This morning I realised something. Well I realised a few things: Firstly I realised how late I was getting up and now I had 10 mins to get out the door. Any additional extras of getting ready, like eating breakfast or doing anything more inspired than brushing my hair, were out of the question.

The second thing I noticed was that in every part of my flat there are books. Now it’s not a huge flat, it’s a bedroom, a bathroom, a tiny hallway and a kitchen/living room.  Ok its normal to have books somewhere in a flat but mine seem to be sneezed across the place from where I happened to be reading them last which results in reading several books at once so let me take you on a tour through my reading flat:

In my bedroom I have ‘The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald’ which was a Christmas present from my brother. I loved the film when it came out and thought I should read the book which, if anything, is even more extravagant than the film! I like to read this on the weekends when I don’t have to get up straight away because it takes you into another world.

In my bathroom I have ‘How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran’ which if you haven’t read, you must! It’s one of the best books I have ever read and it made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me name my breasts! I’ve read this book so much that I can instantly pick it up, open it to a random page and instantly pick up the monologue so it’s perfect for the bathroom.

In my hallway there aren’t actually any books. It’s more of a transient space in my flat so I’m rarely there for long enough to need something to read.

In my kitchen I have ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Conan Doyle’. This one used to be in my handbag for reading on trains and things but I realised I got too into the book and frequently found myself trying to deduce things about people on the train and no one likes a random girl staring intently at them trying to work out what shoes being resoled but the tops being pristine means. So this has become a kitchen addition at the moment as a short story is about the right length of time to make a casserole.

Replacing Sherlock in my handbag I have ‘Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh’. This is a new addition as it was an impulse buy at the tills of hmv. But it’s something that my pharmacology lecturer actually used as a reference when teaching about addiction so I thought I would give it a go. It’s a bit heavy going and you have to get used to reading the type phonetically and then listening to your own thoughts to hear what they actually mean. This means I get very easily engrossed and a few hours on a train earlier this week seemingly flew by because I was so focussed on comprehension.

Amongst the back issues of vogue on my coffee table there is a very tattered copy of ‘Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte’ which is one of my comfort books. I was last reading this while eating ice cream (with lactase tablets) on a boring evening with nothing better to do than let the familiar story cover me like a blanket.

On the arm of the big chair there is ‘The Princess Bride by William Goldman’ as I sat there next to the window last Sunday reading “a fairy tale like no other, of fencing, poison, true love, hate, revenge, giants, bad men, good men, snakes, spiders, chases, escapes, lies, truths, passion and miracles”. There is an issue to sitting in the big chair, it’s got a curved high back and large arms so I ended up sitting with one ankle over the back, one over an arm and my head sort of nestled into the crook of the other. I’m not sure that classifies as sitting since my feet were above my head but until there is a verb to describe what that is, I’m sticking with sitting for now.

The others I have in the flat are all tucked away with my DVDs in the TV stand. I’m sure I can scatter a few more across the place because surely reading 6 books at once isn’t nearly enough!

Day 6

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

10 Signs You Work in Healthcare

Having worked in healthcare for a few months now I have started to become one of these people: (Disclaimer: sweeping generalisations based on no facts are about to follow)

  1. You complain about healthcare. Seriously, every single person will complain, no matter what. Doesn’t matter if your budget has been halved or if you just don’t like the colour of the floor (that one’s a real complaint) if you work in healthcare you will complain about it.
  2. You’re tired like all the time. If you don’t get regular caffeine fixes you seriously start to suffer and therefore people around you will also suffer. I ran out of milk a few days before leaving for Christmas so I didn’t have tea or coffee for 2 days and I spent so long in bed being exhausted with a pounding headache, it wasn’t even funny. I had to drag my butt to the corner shop to buy an unhealthy amount of energy drink before I felt human again.
  3. All the people you know also work in healthcare. Seriously all of them. Usually because you work so much that when you go home you eat and sleep so really all your socialising is done at work which results in a very homogeneous friendship group.
  4. All your family work in related fields. True story! The amount of people with family that also work in healthcare is very high. Not sure if its nature or nurture but either way.
  5. You snack rather than eat meals. Who needs to eat meals when there’s always someone’s birthday doughnuts? You’re probably too busy for lunch anyway.
  6. When you get sick, you don’t go to a Dr. Why would you go to a Dr? You’re not that sick. If you’re not in serious danger of dying it’s classed as ‘a bit under the weather’.
  7. Your flat is dirty. Because you spend all your time working in a place that’s clean all the time. You expect your flat to magically get the same treatment but it doesn’t and you resent it so you’re flat is staying dirty. It’s good for your immune system which you need.
  8. You get annoyed at medical TV shows. They are wrong. It doesn’t work like that. How do they all have perfect hair?! You get too angry at the inaccuracies that you can’t follow the incredibly loose plot.
  9. You always know all the gossip. But you can never remember why. Sometimes you meet people for the first time that you already know personal details about for some reason.
  10. You’re awesome. You save people’s lives (or you make it possible for other people to save people’s lives) and you rock.

Day 5

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Money Money Money

Since having a job and actually earning a wage my brain has gone: fantastic now we can buy things! But I am having to learn that the same money is not the same when spent on different things; which is difficult because when you have no money, you can’t buy anything so it’s easy – you just don’t buy things. But now I have to work out which things it’s ok to buy and which things is not.

For example: take £35. Surely it’s the same £35 regardless of what I spend it on. WRONG! £35 on food a week is acceptable, but £35 on shoes each week isn’t. Why is that?! It’s not fair, I would much rather have shoes than food. However if I dint buy food I would die. Why is keeping myself alive so expensive?!  I feel I have done my time being poor and now I am due some things I want (mainly shoes) without having to budget to high heaven to save money for them.

Learning the right things to buy is taking some time, and sometimes I get it wrong but it’s so easy to become desensitized to spending large sums of money when large bills come in each month just to keep a roof over my head and food in my tummy. Hopefully I will learn soon…. Otherwise I will die of starvation and they will find my body with a large collection of fabulous footwear!

Day 4

Monday, 13 January 2014

Why clothes that have pockets make me happy

A couple of days ago my day was made by discovering that the dress I was wearing for the first time, had pockets. Not tiny impractical things, proper deep pockets that could have actual things put in them! This made me think about how few of my clothes have pockets and how those that do, I prefer. I recently bought a new suit that I have been meaning to take to the tailor to fit properly, however I haven’t been able to as I wear it so often, you know why? Because it has pockets!!

There's no way my phone will stay in there
It seems to me that women’s clothing deliberately boycotts pockets. Don’t get me wrong, all of my jeans have pockets but the ones on the front are so shallow or so tight that squeezing my phone into them means instant pain when I sit down as my phone is forced into my stomach. The other option is to put your phone in your back pocket which has issues too as a) every time you take a step, your phone is pushed up and out your pocket, b) when you sit down you risk breaking the screen, and c) you live in constant fear of going to the loo and your phone falling in the bowl as you take your trousers down.

Yes I know women have handbags to put things in but is this a cause or effect of pockets being impractical? Did women have handbags first and therefore pockets became redundant? Or did pockets become redundant forcing women to have handbags? Maybe the handbag industry is secretly paying off the clothing industry to keep pockets unusable and therefore forcing women to buy handbags?

Whatever the cause of the lack of pockets, the effect is that I am genuinely thrilled with having pockets in an item of clothing and when I tell women that something has pockets its always met with admiration so it can’t be just me that thinks pockets are fantastic. Are you listening clothes shops? I want more things with pockets, please!?

Sunday, 12 January 2014

10 Reasons Why Ice-Cream is Awesome!

So I’m pretty excited about this 100 day challenge I’ve set myself. I’ve even started writing down ideas for posts because I have so many random thoughts go through my head that I think “huh, I should blog about that” but then forget them so I end up not blogging for months. This first one is one that I’ve been thinking about since Christmas because Father Christmas brought me some lactose enzyme tablets this year and I was so thrilled because it meant I could eat ice cream for the first time in a bazillion years. Ok maybe not that long but it felt like it.

But one of the main things I missed was ice cream so since I have these tablets all I have to do is take 3 and then I can eat some! This brings me to my ’10 Reasons Why Ice-Cream is Awesome!’

  1.  It’s delicious. I mean who thought lets slowly freeze the fatty bit of cow mammary liquid, but it works so well and comes in so many flavours. No one ever says they don’t like ice cream.
  2. It’s internationally respected. Italians have gelato, you can’t go to any English coastline without finding Cornish ice cream, Americans are obsessed with the stuff; ice cream is internationally approved of. Maybe political meetings should start having ice cream bars as a common ground starting point, and then everything would work out much better!
  3. It’s ageless. You get childish ice cream and adult ice cream. It’s not something you have to say goodbye to when you reach adulthood thank goodness!
  4.  It’s a universal food used to comfort during hardship, celebrate during success, cool down during summer, put on top of hot things in winter, I mean is there any time when ice cream is not appropriate?
  5. You really should eat it or you will become intolerant like me and you don’t want that. Any of you who actually know me will know I am lactose intolerant. It’s something that came on gradually since I was about 17 and because I’ve avoided dairy and lactose containing products, I’ve become even more sensitive to it. It’s a real pain because although it’s obvious I can’t eat most dairy things, whey powder that is chocked full of lactose, is in so many things as a thickener or as an additive to keep products moist.
  6.  Also I worry that because I avoid dairy so much, I may develop an allergy to it too and will start swelling up or worse whenever I actually eat some. So eating ice cream really is in the best interest of your health.
  7.  You can eat it straight from the tub! If you buy expensive ice cream then its got toppings mixed in with it already so why would you need to take it out the tub to eat it?!
  8.  Also if you eat it from the tub then it’s saving on washing up which is good for the environment.
  9.  Freezers work more efficiently when full, so again, it’s better for the environment if you stuff your freezer full of ice cream.
  10. Because it comes in tubs so you don’t have to put up with “recommended portion sizes” I decide what I eat and how much of it and if I want to eat what is technically 4 portions of ice cream then I’m going to!
There, I hope you like my reasons and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Day 2
Napoleon does not share ice cream

Saturday, 11 January 2014

100 Blogging Days

From 100 happy days website (and altered a bit)
Yes I’ve gotten complaints again about not posting but the thing is nothing interesting that I’m allowed or prepared to blog about has happened to me recently. Therefore, to motivate myself and in like with the 100 days of happiness (which is a totally awesome idea btw, see for more info), I am going to introduce 100 days of blogging! This won’t necessarily be things that made me happy each day because my blog lets me process bad things so it would be more productive for me to write about whatever I felt like and plus, no one likes someone that’s too happy. We all know a person who is just so gosh darned happy all the time you just want to slap them in the face just to see if they are capable of processing any other emotion. I am not that person. So, if I start today (yes I’m counting this post, it’s a blog post so it counts!) then my last post will be on the 20th of April. Eep. Wish me luck and hopefully see you all every day till then!

Day 1