Saturday, 11 January 2014

100 Blogging Days

From 100 happy days website (and altered a bit)
Yes I’ve gotten complaints again about not posting but the thing is nothing interesting that I’m allowed or prepared to blog about has happened to me recently. Therefore, to motivate myself and in like with the 100 days of happiness (which is a totally awesome idea btw, see for more info), I am going to introduce 100 days of blogging! This won’t necessarily be things that made me happy each day because my blog lets me process bad things so it would be more productive for me to write about whatever I felt like and plus, no one likes someone that’s too happy. We all know a person who is just so gosh darned happy all the time you just want to slap them in the face just to see if they are capable of processing any other emotion. I am not that person. So, if I start today (yes I’m counting this post, it’s a blog post so it counts!) then my last post will be on the 20th of April. Eep. Wish me luck and hopefully see you all every day till then!

Day 1