Friday, 24 January 2014

Girl Crush: Jenna Marbles

Shower Beer!
So I would have thought by now that blogging would be engrained into my nightly routine. Apparently I was wrong as it still gets to about bed time and I think – oh I haven’t blogged today! But since it’s Friday and I don’t have to go to work tomorrow I’m sure I can put a bit more effort into blogging tonight, especially after yesterday’s fail.

So I wanted to share with you someone I follow on almost every media there is: Jenna Marbles. She’s real, she’s funny, she has purple in her hair, what more could you want from a video blogger?! So I have compiled my top 5 videos from Jenna:
  1. She does the odd musical video. “I Hate Being A Grown Up” seems to be my life atm. No one is seeing my flat in the state it’s in at the moment. Seriously when did I become a grown up? I must not have been paying attention because I was not informed about this. I did not give consent to this change!
  2.  Other Ways To Use Your Degree” because let’s face it, no one’s getting a job at the moment, and if they are, they can’t be picky enough to have one that uses what they spent 4 years and thousands of pounds getting! Although half the stuff she suggests needs your degree to be in a frame and not just in a file somewhere hidden behind your sofa like mine is.
  3.  Does anyone else have those go to videos that they can’t not laugh about? One of mine is “Looking With Your Face” seriously; anyone who doesn’t laugh has no soul. I also found myself going “I owe how much?! *smacks face into bill*” when my last credit card bill came. Also my dad totally looks at things with his face so I just imagine him doing these things. He actually looks in the oven exactly like she does in the video. Its hilarious (sorry Dad).
  4. HowGirls Take A Shower” has revolutionised my showering routine. Firstly I’m glad it’s not just me that still plays with shampoo, forgets to take off my makeup and constantly have blocked drains - surely science can stop this by now? But the suggestion of having a shower-beer has improved my life so much. However, morning showers usually have shower-coffee (travel mug ftw).  
  5. Text Message Decoder” This video should be on the national curriculum! The amount of times I send the girls messages and mean exactly what she says is insane! 

Anyway, she’s brilliant; look her up on her blog,  YouTube, Facebook, instagram, twitter whatever (I found you the link to her blog, I'm not linking you to all of them, I'm not that nice). I don’t see why they don’t all join up and make (My idea, you saw it here first)

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