Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Manchester Weather

I have just walked home in prime example of Manchester weather. It’s just before bitterly cold; which is one of the nicest things that can be said about it. It wouldn’t be too bad if that’s all the weather was: cold. But no, it doesn’t stop there!

It rains proper rain. You know the kind of rain that goes *ploup* into puddles because it’s so heavy? And there are puddles everywhere! Whoever planned Manchester foundations had clearly never been here as the drainage is appalling. The entire city spends days under about 2 inches of water some times. This is so common, and puddles become so unavoidable that I now almost exclusively wear one pair of boots that were selected for their comfort and waterproof-ness! They aren’t that bad to look at either, nice one Clarks! This does mean that my childish love for stomping in puddles has returned though, but I see that as a bit of a bonus rather than a hindrance. 

The other issue with the rain is that everyone walks around under umbrellas which mean people physically bump into each other more because they can’t see where they are going! I was very fold of my old umbrella but it was viciously stolen/misplaced (I misplaced it, located it, asked for it to be returned and it hasn’t been so I’m counting it as stolen). Anyway the replacement brolly has been specifically bought with 3 essential criteria: 1. It fits in my handbag – I now never go anywhere without an umbrella in case it rains. 2. Strength – this is important as it will have to withstand Manchester winds too. 3. It has a button to open and close it – because you can get really drenched while manually opening a brolly and time is essential. Though the rain isn’t all bad as sometimes, while walking home next to the big-wheel or one of the hotels covered in tiny lights, you can look up and see each rain droplet sparkling as it falls to earth, which is really rather pretty for those who can bare to look up when its raining!

The real issue is the wind. It’s the kind of wind that goes through you rather than round you. Or worse; barges into you taking you with it! And when it’s raining as well you have your umbrella up which becomes a sort of sail. Given the correct wind direction and a pair of skis, I bet I could water ski home when it rains! Well if I knew how to water ski…. But how hard could it be?

Tonight’s rain and wind was on form. I am soaked from the thighs down as this is where my umbrella stops shielding me, and I spent the whole journey breathing through my mouth as the wind took the air away from my nose too quickly for me to breath it in! But you know, my hat collection is coming along nicely and I do like the lights making the rain sparkle so even bad weather has its good points if you look hard enough. I’m sure that these perks will rapidly disappear when it gets really cold and starts to freeze and the entire city becomes an anxiety attack inducing ice rink of death! But until then I’m going to learn how to water ski!

Day 10