Monday, 13 January 2014

Why clothes that have pockets make me happy

A couple of days ago my day was made by discovering that the dress I was wearing for the first time, had pockets. Not tiny impractical things, proper deep pockets that could have actual things put in them! This made me think about how few of my clothes have pockets and how those that do, I prefer. I recently bought a new suit that I have been meaning to take to the tailor to fit properly, however I haven’t been able to as I wear it so often, you know why? Because it has pockets!!

There's no way my phone will stay in there
It seems to me that women’s clothing deliberately boycotts pockets. Don’t get me wrong, all of my jeans have pockets but the ones on the front are so shallow or so tight that squeezing my phone into them means instant pain when I sit down as my phone is forced into my stomach. The other option is to put your phone in your back pocket which has issues too as a) every time you take a step, your phone is pushed up and out your pocket, b) when you sit down you risk breaking the screen, and c) you live in constant fear of going to the loo and your phone falling in the bowl as you take your trousers down.

Yes I know women have handbags to put things in but is this a cause or effect of pockets being impractical? Did women have handbags first and therefore pockets became redundant? Or did pockets become redundant forcing women to have handbags? Maybe the handbag industry is secretly paying off the clothing industry to keep pockets unusable and therefore forcing women to buy handbags?

Whatever the cause of the lack of pockets, the effect is that I am genuinely thrilled with having pockets in an item of clothing and when I tell women that something has pockets its always met with admiration so it can’t be just me that thinks pockets are fantastic. Are you listening clothes shops? I want more things with pockets, please!?