Saturday, 18 January 2014

Why I Would Be The Worlds Worst Maid

10pm seems to be my blogging time now. It gets to this point in the day and I’m just thinking about going to bed and then I remember I said I’d blog every day and then I panic and make something up on the spot to blog about.

Tonight is no exception. I’ve tried really hard to be productive today but it just hasn’t worked. I started well; I was up at 9am (not bad for a Saturday) made a cup of tea and was then so pleased with my progress that I got back into bed to watch some TV catch-up. 2 episodes of dr who, one of Miranda and a live at the Apollo later, I realise it’s now gone lunch time and all my extra morning time is gone! Bother.

Pancakes for lunch! Then down to planning the day. Today’s activity has been to blitz the flat from top to bottom and make it spotless! This is prompted by the fact I have run out of plates as they are all dirty, and the hairballs are starting to form carpet. It’s the hair that bothers me more. The average person loses 100 hairs a day, and since I have my hair up for work, I presume most of the 100 fall out in the flat while brushing or sleeping. My hair is at least a foot long, so that means every day 100 foot of hair accumulates in my flat. Therefore if I didn’t sweep for 2 weeks I would have nearly half a kilometre of hair on the floor! Ew. The thought occurs to either have short hair or sweep every day, neither of which is appealing, so sadly, a weekly hair sweep has now become routine.

Post pancakes, a list was made of all the things to do including washing up, laundry, cleaning the bathroom, putting clothes away…. it was a rather daunting list. I was making good progress till I realised I was peckish, once id sat down I was stuck on the sofa for about an hour and a half. A little while after that the same thing happened again! The tea fairy visited and it would be rude not to sit down and have a cup. So here I am, gone 10 at night still not done with my list. I think I shall finish cleaning the bathroom and then call it a day and pick up where I left off tomorrow morning.

I have to say I do not appreciate this cleaning business. I’m only one person in a small flat and I don’t think of myself as a particularly unclean person either, so why does the place get so dirty after only a week?!?!?! I am not made for cleaning. Therefore:

Wanted: Cleaner for shoebox sized flat (ironically full of shoe boxes)
Hours: Well, it seems to take me 2 days but I’m sure someone motivated could have it done in a few hours
Pay: Urm, as many cups of tea as you like!

Any takers???

Day 7 (woo a week!)