Sunday, 26 January 2014

Why is alcohol not fun anymore?

Last night I went out to a bar with a couple of friends just to have a casual night out. It wasn’t a special occasion and there weren’t loads of us so I wasn’t drinking heavily. However today has been nearly entirely written off because I had a hangover. Now I was good, I stayed on the same spirit all night so there was no mixing, and I had only 5 or 6 drinks so it wasn’t excessive. But since leaving uni I have become rather a light weight with alcohol so that was enough to make myself rather merry which surely is a good thing because I’m drinking less so it’s better for me and my bank balance!

This morning I felt horrible and not only did this stop me from being productive today, it also cost me a lot in food as I ate nearly the entire contents of my fridge! I am a girl who usually eats 2 means a day. Today I ate 4. So all the money I saved by being a light weight is gone from being a ravenous beast today.

Other things wrong with alcohol are there are so many younger people having more fun with it. there are now people born in 1996 who are able to enter bars and drink which makes me feel rather old. They come in and have what looks like such a good time and its irritating.

Therefore I think I might decrease alcohol deliberately to avoid things like this. I don’t feel I enjoyed my night out purely because of the alcohol, I probably would have had just as much fun on soft drinks. Also I am now old enough not to have the excuse of being a student to explain drunken shenanigans. I am sadly an adult and must fight to retain whatever dignity I can. Events combining alcohol and colleagues especially are a professionalism minefield of how far to relax.

Im not saying no alcohol ever but maybe limiting myself to 2 drinks on a night out, not 6 might be the way forwards.  Something for me to mull over in the coming weeks.
One on a night out - not all 4!

Day 15