Sunday, 9 February 2014


Firstly let me apologise for the lack of post yesterday and the poor effort for Thursday. I had a post all typed out on my phone which is no easy task. And then my phone had a wobbly and refused to post it! So that's how my unfortunate single sentence post came about.

However yesterday was less of a technical issue and more a biological issue. I've had worsening insomnia all week and it got so bad Friday night that I could do nothing but take painkillers for the headache and try to sleep. It didn't work.

Today. .. well yesterday now technically has been better! Hopefully no phone issues and I feel that I might be able to sleep properly tonight. Plus I have the added bonus of being wined and dined tonight hense the late post. I'll do better tomorrow after some sleep.

Day: urm not sure

Thursday, 6 February 2014


My phone is having a wobbly and not posting tonight. Ill fix it tomorrow

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Fate and Control

Last week I went to a talk about fate and control and uncertainty. Which all sounds rather deep and complicated. Don't worry I wont share the whole lecture with you! But there was one aspect of it that I would like to share because I thought it was interesting. I've always had conflicting thoughts about fate and the control I have over my own life. If we don't have control then what's the point in trying? But likewise, if fate doesn't exist then that's really scary because all the pressure is on you to make your life and my faith makes me believe that there is a God guiding us so surely guidance implies an element of channelled direction?

Anyway, the guy in this talk was pretty young so he isn't a philosophy professor or anything like that but he used this analogy: he knows his wife wont put sugar in her tea. Now that isn't to say that he makes his wife not put sugar in her tea, but he knows her enough that he can be sure she wont. And that's how he believes fate works: we have control but it is already known how we will react because its still us doing it and we all behave predictably if you know us well enough. Does that make sense? It's an idea I've been sitting with for a few days and trying it on to see if it fits, like a new outfit!

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

I was doing so well

Im blogging from my phone again as I'm already in bed tonight. I've only been back from pole about an hour. I'm really struggling with one move and I'm determined to get it right. Its so frustrating!!! But because I've been trying so hard I'm going to be so bruised and sore tomorrow! :-(

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P.s. the photo is nothing to do with this but it made me laugh!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Munchings and Crunchings

Gurgi knows what I'm talking about
I am waiting for the tesco man to deliver muchings and crunchings. I'm so hungry. Why is he not here yet? I know I've already paid for the food but it always seems like a present when it gets delivered and what better present than a load of food?! I like my system of buying online for two reasons:

Firstly because it means I can keep track of how much I'm spending. Its not a sudden shock at the check out when I realise all the impulse items I've thrown in. Online I can see how much I've got in my basket and rationalise it before its too late

Secondly because it means I don't have to carry the heavy food shopping home. I hate that. I never remember to take bags and the free ones dig into my fingers and my shoulders hurt and its all just a bad idea.

Where is my food?!

Day 22

Sunday, 2 February 2014


Any of you that know me, or even followers that have read for a while will know that I can't leave an opportunity unexplored. The very idea for this blog was formed from the opportunity to move to Sydney for a year and its grown from there! This blog has followed me taking opportunities that worked out: like moving to Sydney, getting Sheldon the pet rat, moving to Manchester and recently 100blogging days. And this blog has followed me taking opportunities that haven't worked out like: rejoining English life, being scammed on the internet, being hurt by people, and yesterday's fail at dairy. So I'm not saying everything always works out but you've got to keep trying!

So today I heard (another Cassandra video) about a competition to be one of the faces of e.l.f. cosmetics 2014 range! An excellent opportunity because it costs nothing to enter, no experience required and all you do is fill in the online form and upload a few selfies! If any of you want to join me and enter yourselves, feel free!

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Day 21

Saturday, 1 February 2014

1 Reason Why Ice-Cream is Awful!

So recently I blogged about why ice cream was brilliant because I was using lactase tablets so I could eat it again. Well that’s all well and good and I do enjoy to sweet frozen goodness of ice cream. However I have noticed in the last month my skin has gotten worse. At first I thought it was just a bad week or id had a lot of pollution but now I’m convinced it’s because of the ice cream! Dairy is thought to worsen skin irritation because of the hormones it contains which are inflammatory. So dairy can be really nasty for your skin and I think it’s made my cheeks really red and my problem areas really bumpy. I am prone to inflammation anyway, I frequently get swollen inflamed tonsils and almost weekly someone will look shocked at me because I’ve scratched my arm or neck and it’s gone really read an angry instantly. So I naturally have bad skin and am prone to inflammation, therefore if dairy worsens inflammation then that can’t help my skin! There’s a really good video by Cassandra Bankson (love her, I'll blog properly about her at some point) about her experiences with dairy and acne. 

Now I’m in a bit of a tight spot now because I’ve only really used these tablets so I can eat dairy in the last fortnight, so if in 2 weeks I can go from manageable skin to red blotchy bumpy skin, what would it do if I carried on eating them?! Sadly I think I have to reserve the lactase tablets for rare occasions when lactose is unavoidable (or really tempting) and still avoid buying anything full of dairy. Sad face (literally and metaphorically).