Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Fate and Control

Last week I went to a talk about fate and control and uncertainty. Which all sounds rather deep and complicated. Don't worry I wont share the whole lecture with you! But there was one aspect of it that I would like to share because I thought it was interesting. I've always had conflicting thoughts about fate and the control I have over my own life. If we don't have control then what's the point in trying? But likewise, if fate doesn't exist then that's really scary because all the pressure is on you to make your life and my faith makes me believe that there is a God guiding us so surely guidance implies an element of channelled direction?

Anyway, the guy in this talk was pretty young so he isn't a philosophy professor or anything like that but he used this analogy: he knows his wife wont put sugar in her tea. Now that isn't to say that he makes his wife not put sugar in her tea, but he knows her enough that he can be sure she wont. And that's how he believes fate works: we have control but it is already known how we will react because its still us doing it and we all behave predictably if you know us well enough. Does that make sense? It's an idea I've been sitting with for a few days and trying it on to see if it fits, like a new outfit!

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