Sunday, 17 August 2014

100th Post!!

So apparently this is my 100th blog post! I logged on to write a few ideas down but feel that none of them really capture my centennial. Ok I know it's not 100 years since I blogged first but it feels like it!

So here are 100 things in no particular order that have happened to me in the last 3 years since I started my blog on the 11th of July 2011:

  1. I had an epic leaving party including a 2 man costume of the whole of Australia and a slightly un-pc Steve Irwin back from the dead
  2. I wanted to dye my hair lighter but the henna bleached to neon orange which is not cool
  3. I went to Global Gathering and the guards confiscated all of my beer
  4. I made ice cubes in the shape of brains because why not
  5. I moved to Australia - hence the blog in the first place
  6. I went to Taronga Zoo and liked the seal show best which my mother later told me was always my favorite as a child too
  7. I had a birthday night out and lost my phone in a taxi which I threw up in
  8. I was a skinny Marilyn Monroe for Halloween but loved the wig!
  9. A mysterious orange gnome appeared in my office and scared me
  10. I discovered how awesome Ellen is and am sad that I can't watch her daily any more
  11. I had Christmas on the beach in a Santa hat and a green bikini to be festive 
  12. I went to work and realized that my outfit was the same as my boss'
  13. I went to the great barrier reef and saw all the fishes and a turtle and a shark! (only a small one)
  14. I was left in charge at work and I panicked 
  15. I got really tanned (not anymore boo)
  16. I got tonsillitis and realized how expensive antibiotics are!
  17. I spent Australia day on a boat.... in my flippy flops
  18. I went on an epic road trip across Australia with my mother in a van with the lyrics to I am the walrus on it 
  19. I saw koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, wombats and tiny penguins in the wild
  20. I paid for a campsite in coins and then had no money for breakfast
  21. I got soaked in my only trousers and had to spent the rest of the night in a hoody and hat and gloves and shorts
  22. I tried to go to the supermarket but accidentally went to the pub
  23. I got a pet rat! I didn't intend to but I did
  24. I had Thanksgiving and drastically underestimated how many things Americans like in pies 
  25. I went on the most un-health and safety compliant roller coaster ever!
  26. I contemplated the impact social media has on developing a theory of mind
  27. I went surfing... well I tried, its really difficult!
  28. I dyed my hair a little bit too blonde
  29. I went whale watching and fell asleep
  30. I got a tattoo!!
  31. I spent the weekend in Mudgee with dirt bikes and rifles and Utes and all sorts of Aussie country stuff
  32. I had Christmas in July!
  33. I was on the work website with photos and everything
  34. I had to pack a years worth of stuff into one suitcase
  35. I left it too late to sort the house out and ended up drafting several friends otherwise I would have missed my flight
  36. I moved back to England, where it was raining even though it was summer
  37. I failed to keep my tattoo from my parents
  38. I "helped" a friend sell as many shots as possible by buying as many as possible and still can't drink sambuca to this day
  39. I went back to uni to finish my degree
  40. I moved into the best flat ever - phoenix ftw
  41. I found shrapnel in my pheasant sausage because its Surrey and you have to embrace it
  42. I had Christmas at home and was reminded how much more festive it feels when it's cold
  43. I was Debbie Thornberry for the night and it was awesome
  44. I regretted not buying a flowery purple suit
  45. I contemplated if my roots were now bad enough to be considered a dip dye
  46. I was a penguin
  47. I went on an Easter egg hunt with champagne because who says you have to chose if you're a child or an adult
  48. I went against every instinct I have and threw away shoes!
  49. I got a zit on the end of my nose and it looked like a Rudolph impression
  50. I worked hard at uni and didn't do much between Christmas and graduation
  51. I had lots of fun in Karen Millen picking a graduation dress
  52. I went to sooo many end of year balls! 
  53. I graduated with the grade I wanted!!
  54. I spontaneously went to the Netherlands for the weekend and was taken to every cheese shop despite being lactose intolerant
  55. I went to an awesome D-day party in London
  56. I tried to blog for 100 days and only got to 27
  57. I made my own lactose free strawberry ice cream
  58. I job hunted like mad and went a little bit loopy from the applications
  59. I went to interviews and testing days
  60. I got rejection letters/emails
  61. I got a job!
  62. I saw 10 houses in 1 day which is stupid, don't ever try and do that 
  63. I picked a flat based on the colour of the door (it's red)
  64. I realized how much of a pain it is to set up bills, get internet, change your address etc
  65. I got my first hair cut in forever
  66. I got locked out and the head of security tried to break in to where my keys were
  67. I got tonsillitis again
  68. I tried to get my hair back to its natural colour. It's close now!
  69. I had to buy a long length suit and then have it taken in
  70. I had to buy size 4 shoes and get them in a wide fit
  71. I noticed the irony that I need long thin clothes and short fat shoes
  72. I killed my phone (at least I didn't lose it this time?)
  73. I enjoyed NHS discount on many things, hello hotel chocolat 
  74. It was -4 and foggy and I still went to work
  75. I got my friend to pass out on a table in a bar which was funny till I realized I now had to get her home
  76. I started a Masters Degree
  77. I decided to get back in shape
  78. I realized that I probably interact the most with my houseplant
  79. I went to a 3 year old's birthday party and was exhausted
  80. I spent the night with a friend who wasn't well 
  81. I then had to walk home looking like the walk of shame
  82. I went up a level in pole training - yay!
  83. My laptop had a wobbly and I had to reset it... it's still not back to normal
  84. I accidentally taught a pre-schooler the word "ladyboy"
  85. I went to many weddings one of which I was a bridesmaid in
  86. I realized my friend's are starting to have children in wedlock and it scared me
  87. I went on 12 first dates (not in one go or as a result of the above)
  88. I saw the giants walk through Liverpool
  89. I went to Portugal
  90. I ate octopus and it was odd
  91. I had several meltdowns regarding tights
  92. I had my article published
  93. I over fake tanned but it turned out ok
  94. I realized my blog sounds like its named after confessions of a shopaholic
  95. I took a handstand class
  96. I couldn't move for 3 days after the handstand class
  97. I forgot how old I am
  98. I got very excited to see Guardians of the Galaxy and now want a Groot so bad!
  99. I discovered bacon fries and am now disappointed when my chips don't come with bacon rain
  100. I posted my 100th blog post!