Thursday, 17 July 2014

4 Weeks of Trains

The last few weeks have seen me on the train back to Leamington every weekend for four weeks! Now usually I don't mind the train as it gives me a few hours to just contemplate the world/nothing. But by the time week 4 of this weekly ritual came about, I was bored stiff of trains not to mention wondering why I was paying for a flat only to pay more money to leave it every weekend like a weekend commuter! So taking the advice of the King in Alice in Wonderland, I shall begin at the beginning and go on till I come to the end: then stop.

Week 1
This week I was excited to be going home as it was a double event of Father's Day, and my brother's 22nd birthday! Was it his 22nd? Yes it must have been because I'm 23 and we are now in the awkward few months where it looks like we are only a year apart. It doesn't seem that important now but it was vitally important when we were younger to stress that I was nearly 2 years older but it looks like I'm only one year older. Anyway this was a lovely weekend with the family and all 4 of us went to dinner to celebrate the boys. I remember having some sort of fish fillet and it being delicious. Dad was rather taken with his father's day present which was a book of photo-shopped images showing a little girl in dangerous situations while her father either encourages or is oblivious (Originated in this blog and book available most places). My not so little brother wasn't sure what he wanted but I'm sure he'll think of something.

Worlds Best Father 

Week 2
After a week of catching up on things like laundry and food shopping that I should have done at the weekend I was back on the train. Why don't you get rail miles like you can get air miles? Loyalty is not rewarded at all when it comes to trains. Anyway this time I was suited and booted ready to go to a wedding upon my arrival. I was picked up at the station as the second of three stops to collect far flung sixth form friends who were all going to this wedding/reunion. The day was perfect, not a cloud in the sky but not so hot you would burn. The church was packed and, even though there was a little bit of running to the church in the style of four weddings and a funeral, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Although no alcohol was involved, we maybe enjoyed ourselves a little too much and the kiddie toys were soon in our sights. One of us even got a little stuck in one of those red and yellow cars! That wasn't me but I did get stung by some nettled while spinning round on a swing. It was lovely to see so many people. The bride looked stunning and so genuinely happy. The bride's twin sister looked.... huge! She was so very pregnant but got through the day like a trouper. (Now her and her husband are the incredibly proud parents to a gorgeous little boy!).

Week 3
I ran out of clean things to wear to work on Wednesday but the washing machine was occupied with other clothes as this weekend was going to be a biggun! Firstly because another one of my dear friends is getting married in a few weeks (even fewer now!) and this weekend was her hen party! The day was filled with all sorts of girly amusements which were all surprisingly tasteful but then again we had a 3 year old with us who is soaking up vocabulary like a sponge. Several manicures, one hilarious pass the parcel, far too much M&S food, and trying to get a 3 year old to unlearn the word "ladyboy" later, we dispersed to prep for a the evening's activities. Predinner cocktails followed by a lovely (if slightly slow) meal marked the symbolic shift within our group from beer and a burger in spoons during 6th form, to maybe being grown-ups. Unfortunately I had to leave early but not before I poured a porn star martini into the bride to be which hopefully set her up for the rest of the evening!

There wasn't much time to relax as the next day I was flying out to Portugal for a week in the sun with two friends. I spent the night at my flight buddy's and literally had to force her to pack! The trouble was we were sharing a checked bag therefore I couldn't relax until the bag was packed, weighed and deemed ok. We were due to leave at 3.30 and at 2 we were still packing. This is the woman who never does anything without thinking about it for a week so why she decided that day to be spontaneous I really don't know! Anyway we did finally get packed and hit the road to the air port.

Week 4
After a lovely week in Portugal (with only one big argument - a success in my book) I was back in England's green and pleasant land being slightly less pastey and much more relaxed. My dad picked us up from the station (father's are still useful even at my age) and I just fell into my own little bed and slept better than I have in a very long time. The next day I was back on the train to Manchester and then back to work the next morning! Still with no work clothes or food but nevermind!

Trains Taken: 10
Planes taken: 2
Countries Visited: 2
Old Friends Seen: 7
Weddings: 1
Hen Parties: 1
Babies: 1
Birthdays: 1
Bad Words Taught to Pre-Schoolers: 1 (phew)
Octopus Eaten: 1 (that was enough)

Not bad for 4 weeks!