Sunday, 8 March 2015

10 Reasons why living on your own is good/bad

Not my room but guess who's
So I live by myself at the moment. Primarily this was practical because I didn't know anyone looking for housemates and I didn't want the stress of a new city with a new job and new people to come home too as well. But having spent the last year (NB: this sat in my drafts for the last 6 months so I've now been here 18 months) living on my own I have come to realise it has both perks and pitfalls.

5 reasons why living on your own is bad
  1. There's no one to moan to or tell good news to
  2. Spontaneous nights out rarely happen
  3. There's no way you could eat a whole Sunday roast
  4. You have to clean everything yourself
  5. Watching scary tv by yourself is worse
5 reasons why living on your own is great!
  1. You can leave the place in a mess without annoying anyone
  2. You can wander round in your undies or less
  3. There's no one to judge that you're having toast and wine for dinner
  4. You can have loud music whenever you want! 
  5. You can shower whenever you want and take baths without feeling guilty for hogging the bathroom... which I am off to do now!