Sunday, 8 March 2015


Remember my post on 10 reasons why living on your own is good/bad? Ok I tired to link to it and realised I never published it. Hang on.... Ok lets try that again.

Have you seen my last post on 10 Reasons why living on your own is good/bad ? Well I'm still in the same place behind the same red door. It's grown on me a lot on the last 18 months so much so that even though its impractical for me I haven't moved and when I do I will be sad to leave the place. It's been my little safety bubble and the place I come home to every night. Anyway one of the things I said was bad about living by yourself is there's no one to talk to or cuddle when you need to. This has now changed!

Presenting my new companion: Chloe!

She arrived yesterday afternoon from a rather upset previous owner who is moving into a place that doesn't allow pets. He has been trying to rehome Chloe for months and I heard about her in December but dismissed the thought of getting a cat as too big to impulse buy. However in February the cat was still looking for a new home. Simultaneously I have been looking for a new job since December with equal lack of success. Therefore in an attempt to stimulate cosmic balance I decided that if I gave the cat a home then someone might give me a job? Couldn't hurt right? Plus I miss the cat that lives at my parent's place so that was nearly reason enough on it's own. 

So now I have Chloe. She spent a few hours hiding behind my sofa (who knew there was enough space for a cat back there?!) but came out a couple of times to explore and was happy enough to be touched and petted. When I went to bed I could hear her come out a bit more and explore. She found me in bed and came for a quick cuddle before disappearing back behind the sofa. She has also worked out how to work my touch lamp on my bedside table which was funny the first time but got old pretty quickly. 

This morning she came back to say hi and has been exploring a bit more but goes back behind the sofa after a while. But I think that's what I would do if I was somewhere new, go out and see a bit then go back to a safe spot and process it. So I seem to have an introverted cat - how appropriate. 

I will keep you updated with how Chloe gets on and when my transformation into cliché single woman is complete. 

Mum don't worry at that - I'm joking!