Monday, 6 July 2015

See it, Want it, Take it, Have it

So everybody wants things, right? It might not be a physical thing but everyone is striving for something be it a better job, an exotic holiday, a bigger house, a girlfriend/boyfriend, or even just a new pair of heels. And you go through 4 steps to get it:

Poor ratty can't see it

1. See it
It may not be actually with your eyes but it some way or another you come across the concept of whatever you want. It might be in real life, or a movie, or a book, or whatever. Very rarely do things that come out of nowhere.

Puppy wants the food

2. Want it.
Now don't get me wrong rarely awesome things happen and you discover something you didn't even know you wanted! Sometimes those are the best things. I was lent a book recently that I loved but it was only after I read it that I realised I wanted to read it. Sadly I had to give it back afterwards though. I might buy my own copy. But erroneous things aside - mostly we set ourselves goals of things we want. Something in us decided yes - that is a thing we want to be/do/have/say.

3. Take it.
Pretty sure this cat just took the fish
Now this is kind of the main point of what I want to talk about today. In my experience if you want something you have to take it. Now I do NOT mean steal it. But it doesn't matter how much effort you put in at work if you don't apply for the promotion, it doesn't matter how much you save if you don't book that holiday, and it doesn't matter how much you pine after someone if you don't kiss them. You have to put the extra effort and take it. Now I know people that seem to have things just plop into their laps without effort. One of my friends perpetually finds men who treat her like a princess, another friend seems to get job offers without ever applying. Good for them but that's not how my life seems to work. Well no that's not entirely true, I have things I got accidentally that I would desperately want if I didn't have them. I have a loving family for example and I got them without having to work for it at all (sometimes they're hard work but that's different).

That's off topic. Anyway, you have to take what you've worked for and that can be really difficult. We spend so much of our lives building up to things that when they finally come it can be scary to allow ourselves to have them. The big promotion; that's scary, spending all your savings; that's scary, telling that person; that's scary! We spend so long wanting things that the thought of actually having them can be overwhelming. And what if we muck it up? What if we suck at the job, what if it rains all holiday, or the house has bad foundations, or they say no? What then?! Having the courage to take what you want can be the hardest part of it. It's incredibly brave.

I try to be brave and to take the chances. Isn't that it - TAKE the chances, it's not a passive thing like accept the chances, it's not a gift, it's something you have to reach out and grab yourself.

This elephant is totally owning his waterfall shower
4. Have it.
This bit is important too. Once you've taken it, you need to have it and own it in its entirety. There's no point doing things half arsed if it's important. I think I sometimes get so wound up in reaching for what I want that I don't know what to do once I have it! I have to remember to use it to it's full potential to make it all worth while. You have to put all your effort in the new job, see as much as possible on your holiday, work on the house until its perfect, and once you get that person never let them go.

So that's my ramblings for today. It's just something that has been knocking about in my head for a few days and needed to be let out.