Monday, 14 September 2015

Productively Pissed?

This summer I have been lucky enough to get invited to three weddings. All of them gorgeous and beautiful celebrations of commitments but interestingly all in very unique ways. I could probably spend a whole post talking about them and waxing lyrical about what its like to go to a wedding as a single woman in her 20s with the juxtoposition of being thrilled for the happy couple and simultaneously feeling a little lacking and how that was warped as being in love is a rareity not a right and in no way am I incomplete for being single blah blah blah.

Anyway at the first wedding I got horrifically drunk at. I don't even realise how... well I do now but at the time I didn't feel that far gone. All sensibleness went out the window and ludicrous Deb took over. Though I am informed by my most excellent room-mate/faux lesbian partner/good Samaritan who got me home for that night that I am just an exceedingly happy drunk rather than offensive, unpleasant or chundery.

At the second wedding I was a little scared from the first one and therefore only had two drinks.

Therefore Goldilocks went to the third wedding and drank just right. Which brings me to my point: tipsy Deb gets stuff done! I caught up with at least half a dozen friends, which isn't easy to do! I mean proper catch up too where you end up talking about not just what is happening right now in their lives but their hopes and dreams too. Also I now have another half dozen people on facebook from making friends with them that night too and I don't add people on facebook unless I would genuinely count them as people I would enjoy spending more time with. So I got to know them enough to feel comfortable. On-top of this prolific networking I agreed to....

a 5km run,

teach a pilates class,

visit Scotland,

go to a handful of church events,

and hire someone!

Madness productivity!
Come to think of it I think I have previously noted how effective I can be with a bit of booze in me when explaining how I came to book myself onto an ice skating course despite being extremely anxious about ice! You can read about that here.

I wonder how much else I could get done? Could I start integrating this into my chores to make them easier? Gin to take out the bin? Rum to go for a run? A glass of cabernet to put my clothes away? Ha ha ha. I made myself laugh. But there does seem to be something holding me back from being productive that alcohol seems to remove (when consumed in moderation). Maybe I should test this theory and report back if its effective... probably isn't healthy either way though.