Monday, 21 December 2015

Pink Cardigan

I’ve been having a fairly turbulent time in the last few months with a combination of work, friends, relationship, and family stressors which have been cumulating into a rather stressful time. This isn’t what I want to talk about and actually in an ostensibly un-Deb-like manner I don’t seem to want to talk about it with anyone. I’ve spoken about an aspect or two to choice individuals but no-one has heard all of it yet. I suspect I’m still stage two Kubler-Ross-ing (yea, I just made that a verb) but that’s not important. I like to think that I can cope with a high-ish level of stress and can keep it from affecting my life in a noticeable way. I have been coming to terms with the amassed instability and starting to feel a little more like me. Then, a few days ago one of my colleagues came into the office that we share and said:

“Oh you’re back in colours again! I like the pink cardigan.”

Other things I like are....
I hadn’t noticed that I had stopped wearing colours and therefore I definatly didn’t know that it had been spotted. I know that when I get stressed my external appearance does change such as my skin deteriorates as a combination of increased stress acne and poor diet, likewise with my hair and nails, but I’d never considered that my dress choice would change. Isn’t that interesting? I suppose it makes sense given that our clothes are an externalisation of our personality and mood will influence which aspects of our personality’s we wish to express. Therefore it should be natural that mood directly affects clothing choice, but I’d never noticed. I don’t think it’s a bidirectional relationship either so you couldn’t infer that someone in all black was sad because they may just like the colour, so it may be that someone who is sad may be drawn to wearing all black. I guess the converse would be true too; you can’t assume someone in colours is happy but it is possible that someone who is happy is more likely to be drawn to wearing colourful clothes.

I chose my clothes because I like them, rarely because they are fashionable, even less likely because they are practical, and never because they go together! I am the queen of wearing things that shouldn’t go together or aren’t appropriate for the weather/event/social group (can you say converses to climb a snowy mountain? Actually that one wasn’t my fault… ok woolly legwarmers in June to see the handyman). So I have a relationship with clothes that I wear them because they make me happy so it is interesting to see that I also wear them because I am happy (/happier than before).


So long live the pink cardigan and may I wear it in the future simultaneously because it makes me happy and because I am happy.