Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Engrossed in Imagination

Do you have an imagination? I do and while it can be an amazing source of ideas and sometimes some frightening dreams, it does sometimes take me away from real life when it shouldn't. Sometimes it can get me into tight spots but I don't want to share those here, recently my imagination stole me from reality at a bus stop.

I live near a hotel so the bus stop I use to get to work often has guests trying to navigate the vagaries of Manchester public transport. In this instance there was a middle aged eastern European looking woman at the bus stop ignoring a middle aged eastern European looking man standing on the opposite site of the road. So my imagination got to work.

The mysterious couple arrived in Manchester the night before and had checked into the hotel tired from their flight and the bombarding stresses of  travelling. Although the flight itself wasn't long the travel to the airport was filled with traffic, then the flight food was inedible, and after the inconveniently late but cheap flight arrived in Manchester, the journey to the "airport" hotel was inexplicably unapparent and further than the name suggested. 

They started speaking to each other. Note that I say speaking, not talking, as this was not a conversation but more a collection of abstract sentences which, even in a language I couldn't understand, I could tell it wasn't friendly but it also wasn't threatening. They had to be connected. So my imagination got to work on what could have caused such obstinate behaviour from this mysterious couple.

The next morning she was eager to get into the new city and see what it was like whereas he was ambivalent to the city and would have much preferred to spend the day relaxing. Years of marriage had made him complacent for a quiet life as he did love his wife but was sometimes baffled by her need to always fuss over things. Therefore they had breakfast early and then went to stand at the bus stop - perhaps they would have better luck with the transport today? 

Ok so that explains who they are, how they got here, and why they were bickering, but that doesn't explain why they are on opposite sides of the road though.

After following directions from the hotel concierge they came to a road and were hit with a dilemma; there were bus stops on both sides of the road. Which one did they need? She was fixed that it was this side of the road and he was adamant that it was the other and therefore this stalemate occurred.

Ok, good, now I have why they are on opposite sides of the road.

They were visiting Manchester for... 

Something? They didn't look the type to be euro-hopping and there isn't anything more than usual going on in the city.

She was excited to see her daughter and meet her future son-in-law, he was more apprehensive to meet the man who may take his youngest daughter away from him. Meanwhile on the 12th floor of an office building in the city centre their daughter looked out the window wistfully looking out across the city where soon her past and her future would meet and...

Oh crap that's my bus!!! *Wave* *wave* *wave*  and the bus thankfully stops before whooshing by. Damn imagination. Still, I hope that the mysterious couple got to wherever they were going!