Wednesday, 20 April 2016

How to Adult without Growing Up

Recently one of my friends did something that has inspired me. It wasn't even a deliberate action; she sent our group chat a picture of herself in a blouse and skirt she had arbitrarily picked out of her wardrobe that morning with the caption "Accidentally just dressed very 70's. 1870's that is." and she did look amazingly Victorian in a high neck, long sleeved, cuffed and frilled white blouse with a light brown heavy midi skirt. Combined with her up-do and glasses it only took a few helpful comments directing her to a vintage brooch, some leather shoes, and she found a cardi and blazer and her transformation was totally Pankhurst-esque. It was awesome.

The think I should have mentioned is that this wasn't a weekend, my friend was getting ready to go to work where she has a role heavily involved in IT.  The irony wasn't lost on her. But still she went to work almost in fancy dress and isn't that brilliant!? She went to work, to do a very important role and adult the hell out of life, all while dressed how she wanted not how a grown up is supposed to (at least not in this century).

It didn't affect my friends ability to do her job by being dressed how she wanted and not in whatever office wear from next people were expecting. This made me think about how it is possible to adult without being a grown up and how many opportunities to do what makes you happy regardless of boring expectations are passing me by because I'm too busy being "grown up". So now I am totally looking for ways to continue adulting without having to be a grown up too. Well not right now, right now I am at home in as many layers as possible with a nasty cold. I'll adult without growing up when I'm able to breath through both nostrils.