Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Germany 2016 - Part 2: I'll jane to find you dons

I left you in Germany didn't I? I have been pursuing some other things recently which I will tell you about later but it means I have been distracted in finishing my Oktoberfest posts.

The next morning we intended to wake up early and hit Oktoberfest mid morning however we were told not to rush because it would be open late and we may as well take our time. We had both bought dirndl with us to wear (the traditional Bavarian dresses - well as traditional as £30 on amazon will get you) so sheepishly put mine on feeling a little silly. Then I went downstairs and our host was dressed in an even more extravagant dirndl so I felt much better. The lady we were staying with was so enthusiastic about us dressing up that she braided Ami's hair and put ribbon on a hat to match my Dirndl apron! So cute. It was also uncharacteristically warm that day so we set out in just dirndl with short sleeves and even bare legs!

The festival itself was much bigger than I expected and there were absolutely no maps to tell you what was where. We wandered round for a bit looking at the shops and the shire horses which were out in the sunshine before we found a beer tent. Each beer hall is split into booths that seat about 100 and each booth has a waitress who will bring you beer by the litre!!! The glass steins were so heavy when they were full of beer that Ami bruised her hand from how she was lifting them. What they don't tell you is how strong the beer is. Actually that's a lie, they did, we just didn't believe them because we thought nah we're British so we can handle it. Wrong. We made many friends throughout the night - none of whom I can recall the name of or have any clue what they did or where they were from. It was so much fun! Everyone stands on the benches and sings along with the brass bands - we knew none of the words so we made them up - "Genovia" is still stuck in my head. (note: in an attempt to identify the song I am now listening to Oompah while writing and bobbing along as I type.... Oh it's Ein Prosit apparently... I prefer Genovia).

Then I lost Ami. I think she went to the loo and just didn't come back. From our phone conversations Ami must have disappeared at about 8pm. She got the train home before remembering that I had the only house key and our hosts were out that evening. Apparently she sat on the step for about an hour before going to a petrol station to buy water, ham, and chocolate (excellent drunk shopping list) and returning to be let into the house by the next door neighbour. I, on the other hand, having walked around looking for Ami, cried at the big wheel, tried to find the train station but missed and made friends with a group who were also looking for a station, walked the next 3 stops, got a train, and arrived at the house about 11. Ami and I then spent the next few hours dozing and sobering up.

The next day I felt surprisingly perky given last night's adventure and we headed into town. There's not actually much in Munich apparently. We found lunch, a nice park, a very expensive deodorant to replace the one airport security took, and then went into town for a quiet drink in the evening. Home early, very non-eventful. In our final day in Munich we went back to Oktoberfest but that day it was cold and raining so everyone had piled into the beer halls and it took us forever to find a seat. We were both still scared from our experience last time so there was only very modest drinking. Ami attracted some 18 year old gits who took forever to get rid of and we got bored and went home early to change into something warmer and head into the city. We wandered round the shops and had dinner at a very strange place with a very enthusiastic waiter who at one point full on flipped a wine glass full of water just for fun (!).

The next morning we headed out to the airport and had a much less stressful flight to Berlin to start the next phase of our adventure!