Sunday, 16 April 2017

In the name of freedom - Water Challenge Week 3

So in my first post in this series I described my skin as "the epitome of combination skin with oily lagoons and dry dessert both represented within a few square inches. Mostly I'm covered in blackhead craters or minizit bumps creating something akin to the surface of the moon." I think that might be improving!

While energy levels and snacking behaviour have stayed constant I think my skin might be improving due to the increase in fluids. The very dry and flaky patches have cleared and the very oily patches are now just oily. I still have a healthy shine at the end of each day regardless of foundation/ powder. I think I just am an oily person. However, this week it seems less likely that the USA will invade my face in the name of freedom.

Blackheads have been at a minimum with only my reoccurring ones an inevitable constant and I only have two minizit bumps at the moment - one of which lies in the middle of the bridge of my nose behind my glasses so I suspect that ones a constant while I am at work and wearing my glasses for the majority of the day. The other is on my cheek and is very red but I suspect it is all talk as it hasn't developed any further than threatening. This is definitely progress!