Thursday, 20 April 2017

Vino & Vinyasa @ Foundation Coffee House

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I did something new this week. Well actually, I did two things that I have done many times before but I did them together for the first time.

Vino & Vinyasa! An hour of vinyasa yoga followed by (not accompanied by) a large glass of wine. It's a new event held at foundation coffee house. Have you been to foundation? It's one of the most northern quarter-ey places in the northern quarter and is rapidly becoming one of my favourite spaces. While the nearby Aflecks is the fabulous pinnacle of sensory overloaded alternative culture, foundation is the calming epitome of a newer bread of Scandinavian inspired minimalistic style combined with a menu to match the meticulous d├ęcor. Their fruity kale smoothie is a personal favourite for virtuous days and their gin selection is for the other days!

I am usually more of a pilates kind of gal being a scientifically person and prone to the giggles at silly names. However, this time I think yoga was what I needed. Marley from Vida Yoga guided us through some fairly dynamic yoga which I found myself concentrating quite hard on! I like to push myself in most things so I found myself pushing to be as flexible as the person in front of me and as balanced as the person next to me. My mind has been pretty full recently and the combination of being fairly lousy at yoga and a brain full of thoughts created a little bubble of clarity - why do I have to try so hard at everything? Doing the basic triangle pose is fine, I don't need to extend into the bound version. Likewise with what was in my head. Once I stopped trying to extend into mental bound triangle pose it got a lot calmer and more enjoyable.