Sunday, 2 April 2017

Water Water Everywhere - Water Challenge Week 1

An article appeared on my Facebook feed and although initially skeptical by the end the author claims that drinking a gallon of water a day for a month prevented migraine, removed acne, prevented snacking, and improved energy levels! Sounds too good to be true right? Well given that I am afflicted with sluggish spotty munchy headache syndrome I thought I'd give it a go because at best I'd feel fantastic and at worst I'd just pee a lot.

Handy hint; it is possible to drink too much water. It messes with your organs and flushes out vital vitamins. The girl in the post says she drinks a gallon and, despite the Web address, mentions New York so I'm going to assume she drank a US gallon (3785ml) not an imperial (4546ml). Now I know I drink less than the 2000ml suggested guide and probably only consume 1000-1500ml each day. I'm busy and am not always near a loo but I've never been a big drinker for the sake of water consumption. I remember as a child being told off for not drinking so maybe I've never been so hydrated as I'm about to be!

So the challenge I am setting myself is to drink at least 3000ml every day for a month. All beverages will count so a mug of tea will still contribute to my daily consumption. I'll keep a running log of how I feel and I'll review skin, energy, headaches, and snacking behaviour and post each week. 

Day 1
I plop out of bed with my usual lack of elegance. My energy levels have been worse but I find mornings slow to get going and evenings hard to maintain. This morning is no exception. I have the choice of getting up immediately to get to work at 8:30 or dozing in bed a bit more and arriving at 9. Today the doze wins. Putting on my makeup I frown at my skin. My skin isn't behaving itself recently. I've had acne since a young teen and now in my mid 20s my once pustular skin has turned cystic and the epitome of combination skin with oily lagoons and dry dessert both represented within a few square inches. Mostly I'm covered in blackhead craters or minizit bumps creating something akin to the surface of the moon.

Initially I feel smug as I go to the water fountain for the first time today but that's short lived as I spend the rest of the day peeing every 5 minutes. We'll not quite that often but it feels very disruptive to my day. I don't snack deliberately (trying to shift some relationship weight) but when I get home I devour as much healthy crap cruel sensible weekend me bought at the supermarket. Snack prevention fail. No headache though.

Day 2
Still peeing a lot. It woke me up in the night. I hope my bladder stretches or something. I planned to go to the gym and therefore consume another 500ml but the sofa was too comfy.

Day 3
Today I woke up thirsty?! Perhaps my body has just been waiting for me to drink a lot and now I am it's jumping on the bandwagon. I made it to lunch without snacking but I did count a flapjack as breakfast. It's oats so it counts right? Determination got me through the afternoon not snacking but mostly because of a long meeting rather than not wanting to snack.  I went to a ceilidh tonight so drinking lots of water was easy as it got so hot and sweaty.

Days 4&5
Getting into the habit of constantly having a water bottle with me so it's already easier to hit my target. Still having to get up in the night.

Days 6&7
Both Friday and Saturday night I went out. This doesn't usually happen but there was a friends party and a theme night I wanted to go to. Both nights I drank more than is recommended in one sitting, but both mornings all I felt was sleep deprived not hungover! Perhaps being fully hydrated before drinking prevents that desert inside feeling post night out? Also I think my bladder is adjusting because I managed to avoid peeing in one dodgy bar's loos despite drinking 750ml while there. I also managed to sleep through the night both times without needing to get up and go to the bathroom. I am definitely adapting.

However I had a terrible eruption of zits appear on my chin so it hasn't improved my skin much as yet. Likewise my energy levels aren't significantly different and my food cravings are still very much with me. I haven't had a headache this week though! Hopefully some improvements next week.