Thursday, 15 March 2012


Today on my way home I made a new friend. His name is Leo and he is a Siamese cat. He was just sitting on the pavement as if he was waiting for me. He made me jump as, even though he was sitting right in the middle of the path, he was camouflaged against the dust and sand the building site had left all over the area, so it wasn’t till he meowed hello that I noticed he was there at all! I stopped and we just looked at each other for a while, then I decided that I would like a cuddle so I bent down and offered him my hand to smell. He came straight over and wanted a big fuss so much so that I sat on the pavement making a fuss of him for the next quarter of an hour. We sat in the sunshine and he purred loudly and looked very happy as I scratched in between his ears.

Anyone passing by would have thought that Leo was my cat as we sat on the path with him in my lap and as I walked away it stuck me how much Leo had trusted me to do that. Trust is a quality human society lacks a lot of the time. What would the world be like if we all trusted each other and just came over to say hello and have a cuddle with perfect strangers? Would it be a better place or would people be taken advantage of more? Does society’s distrust of strangers protect us or hinder our development and happiness?

All I know is that I enjoyed my 15 mins with Leo and I now have dusty paw prints all over my black jeans!