Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Future or the Present?

Which way?

So I was thinking the other day about what I want to do after Uni. And at the moment I am thinking of doing a PhD but in what I’m not quite sure because I haven’t picked my dissertation topic yet and that would probably help me chose what I wanted to continue to study. That got me thinking about how I live my life. Does my present dictate my future or does my future dictate my present?

What I want to study for my PhD will impact on what dissertation topic I pick so in that case my future dictates my present. But if I do badly in my final year I won’t get a PhD placement and therefore my present would dictate my future.

Also what about the past? The past makes me who I am today so surely the past dictates my present. But does that extend to my future? Because when I am in the future I won’t be the same person anymore because my past will be altered as the present becomes the past. So then the past doesn’t impact the future but does impact the present therefore the present cant impact the future as otherwise the past would impact the future? Hence the future must dictate the present. Phew logic.

But that sucks because that means you always have to live for the future otherwise you won’t have one. If you think about it the logic stands. Every time you do something fun you end up with bad consequences like hangovers or debt or bruises or bad grades.  It means being you have to be boring and sensible so that you can get to enjoy your retirement? You work hard at school to go to Uni to work hard to get a good job to work hard to earn some money to retire on. That’s too much hard work but is that what we are spending our lives doing; preparing for a comfy retirement?

Well I refuse to live my life with the aim of being a well off pensioner. Old people complain that youth is wasted on the young, well it’s hard not to waste it as we are too busy preparing to be old!

I will do something for my present this week without thinking about the consequences and letting the future happen because of it because if I don’t then what’s the point of life?