Monday, 24 September 2012

20,000 and more

This isn’t going to be a long blog post; this is just a little update.

Firstly this blog now has over 20,000 views! It’s 20,527 at the moment, so thanks to everyone for taking an interest, especially how I was celebrating 10,000 not even 3 months ago. From my stats I can tell that some of you were just looking for a photo of a tragus piercing but I can also tell that the number of referred views is much smaller than the total number of views therefore that means most of you have come straight here. So big hi to all viewers who have me bookmarked.

Secondly: I know, I know, I still haven’t come up with a name. I’m toying with a couple at the moment and I will pick one that feels best. There will be a name soon….. honest!
The view out my window

Thirdly and finally, (see I said it was going to be a short post) I’m feeling a lot more at home in England now. My family has been a big help in making me fit back into my old life but the thing that’s made me feel most at home? I think it’s the cold and the rain! This morning I’m wearing jeans, fluffy socks, two t-shirts and a huge hoody to stay warm and it seems comforting to be snuggled up 24/7. I’m also sitting in the sun/living room listening to the rain gently tap at the windows and I’m looking at how green the garden looks. The trees look happier for the rain and I would want the trees to be unhappy. I’m not sure why I like the rain but I do, maybe it’s engrained into every Englishman (or Englishwoman) to find comfort in the quintessential f their country? I’m sure I’ll be sick of the cold and wet soon enough but I’m going to enjoy it while I can.