Sunday, 3 March 2013

Too tall for the real world

So recently I undertook one of the hardest tasks that faces a woman; I tried to find new jeans. Any woman out there unless blessed with the perfect figure or a personal seamstress will know the pain that is trying to find jeans that fit. Issues with how much your thighs curve and how much smaller your waist is than hour hips can cause a personal nightmare designed to torment and torture every woman. Levi have come up with a system of measuring you that puts you into one of three categories; slight curve for the straight up and down girls, demi curve for the moderately shaped or bold curve for the more curvy among us. This seems a brilliant idea as that is one of the things that irritates me most about jeans, I always have miles too much of waistband to have jeans that are comfy over my thighs. I don’t class myself as a large girl as a size 10 in jeans so where are all these women with tiny thighs that jeans companies think exist?! Maybe I just have a small waist but it is irritating to have to match a belt into every outfit. Especially since practical, holding you jeans up belts are hard to find now.

Anyway that’s not the point. I was resigned to my fate of having to wear a belt to prevent the dreaded “baggy bum syndrome” that comes from your jeans falling down, but I was hit with a new issue: length. I’ve always been tall and grew to about 5ft 8 when I was 12! At that height I could get away with standard length 32 inch jeans but for some inexplicable reason, last year I grew again. Another 2 inches makes me 5ft 10 and far too short for 32 inch jeans. Off to town I went in search for some new longer jeans. Could I find anywhere that stocked anything other than 30 or 32s? No. I could find 28s but nothing for a taller girl (Debenhams apparently have 34s in their shops but I couldn’t find any nice ones in stock).]

Defeated I returned home. Well, I say defeated but I came home with some great midi length dresses which come to around my knees which is brilliant since the mini dresses barely cover my bum most of the time! So modesty restored but still no jeans. I turned to the internet and found that new look do 34 and 36 inch jeans online. Perfect. I ordered two pairs of 34s which are…. adequate. I think maybe a 36 would have been better as the 34s are only just passable in length and the waist band is HUGE on the hipsters (the high waisted ones are a little better however) but they are jeans that sort of fit. I won’t go into the sizeist attitude that both jeans and boot companies have about the diameter of my calves, that’s another rant for another time.

Anyway the point is; how was I able to find 28 inch jeans on the high street but had to resort to online for anything longer than a 32? I was feeling a little fragile and it doesn’t take much to plant the idea that I am freakishly tall in my head, so this was rather disheartening and bad for my self-esteem.  It doesn’t help that I seem to make friends with the shorties in the world too. All bar one of my girlfriends at uni are between 4 inches and 10 inches shorter than me so I spend my time feeling like a giant that clumps around getting in everyone’s way.

So I turned to the internet (since the real world had decided I was too tall for it) and I found a bunch of blogs from women with exactly the same predicament; how to fit in to a world that you were too tall for. And it was brilliant! All of them had put a huge two fingers up to the world and decided to embrace being tall and make it work for them. I started with all the tall things written by 6ft Laura ( which is a great every day blog where tall girls write in with their photos and shopping finds. They share my enthusiasm for midi length skirts and dresses and will be my shopping guide from now on!

From there I started to branch out and I came across a blog called long leggy lovin it! ( which is about 6ft 2 BAM (her initials) and is all about her new finds and outfits, and while she is talking about American shops, it’s good to see how she pairs things together and the styles that work on a taller frame. Similarly is elevated style blog from 5ft 10 Kathy ( which is again in America but a good mix of her ideas and tall celeb fashion.

However if celebs are what you are after then you will be better off with pretty tall style which has a great spread from resent award ceremonies ( but 6ft 4 Tanasha also throws in whatever seems to be on her mind from some yummy looking recipes to pretty views.

Representing the really really tall is 6ft 6 Alicia Jay who runs tall swag ( which is a great mix of suggestions which is a really professional looking blog. I loved that she had side tabs linking to recommended shops for certain clothes, so I went straight to the jeans tab but sadly I think they were all American shops. Likewise with the height of style (Im loving all the puns these blogs have in their names) ( from 6ft 4 Kacy who has a great eye for finding the unusual and unique but is on the wrong continent for me.

But there you go! Within an hour on the internet I had found 6 blogs empowering the tall and banishing all my feelings of social rejection. So thanks ladies! I will finish with a link to a song that was on all the tall things about being a tall girl and I played on repeat till I knew all the lyrics off by heart!