Sunday, 12 January 2014

10 Reasons Why Ice-Cream is Awesome!

So I’m pretty excited about this 100 day challenge I’ve set myself. I’ve even started writing down ideas for posts because I have so many random thoughts go through my head that I think “huh, I should blog about that” but then forget them so I end up not blogging for months. This first one is one that I’ve been thinking about since Christmas because Father Christmas brought me some lactose enzyme tablets this year and I was so thrilled because it meant I could eat ice cream for the first time in a bazillion years. Ok maybe not that long but it felt like it.

But one of the main things I missed was ice cream so since I have these tablets all I have to do is take 3 and then I can eat some! This brings me to my ’10 Reasons Why Ice-Cream is Awesome!’

  1.  It’s delicious. I mean who thought lets slowly freeze the fatty bit of cow mammary liquid, but it works so well and comes in so many flavours. No one ever says they don’t like ice cream.
  2. It’s internationally respected. Italians have gelato, you can’t go to any English coastline without finding Cornish ice cream, Americans are obsessed with the stuff; ice cream is internationally approved of. Maybe political meetings should start having ice cream bars as a common ground starting point, and then everything would work out much better!
  3. It’s ageless. You get childish ice cream and adult ice cream. It’s not something you have to say goodbye to when you reach adulthood thank goodness!
  4.  It’s a universal food used to comfort during hardship, celebrate during success, cool down during summer, put on top of hot things in winter, I mean is there any time when ice cream is not appropriate?
  5. You really should eat it or you will become intolerant like me and you don’t want that. Any of you who actually know me will know I am lactose intolerant. It’s something that came on gradually since I was about 17 and because I’ve avoided dairy and lactose containing products, I’ve become even more sensitive to it. It’s a real pain because although it’s obvious I can’t eat most dairy things, whey powder that is chocked full of lactose, is in so many things as a thickener or as an additive to keep products moist.
  6.  Also I worry that because I avoid dairy so much, I may develop an allergy to it too and will start swelling up or worse whenever I actually eat some. So eating ice cream really is in the best interest of your health.
  7.  You can eat it straight from the tub! If you buy expensive ice cream then its got toppings mixed in with it already so why would you need to take it out the tub to eat it?!
  8.  Also if you eat it from the tub then it’s saving on washing up which is good for the environment.
  9.  Freezers work more efficiently when full, so again, it’s better for the environment if you stuff your freezer full of ice cream.
  10. Because it comes in tubs so you don’t have to put up with “recommended portion sizes” I decide what I eat and how much of it and if I want to eat what is technically 4 portions of ice cream then I’m going to!
There, I hope you like my reasons and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Day 2
Napoleon does not share ice cream