Wednesday, 15 January 2014

10 Signs You Work in Healthcare

Having worked in healthcare for a few months now I have started to become one of these people: (Disclaimer: sweeping generalisations based on no facts are about to follow)

  1. You complain about healthcare. Seriously, every single person will complain, no matter what. Doesn’t matter if your budget has been halved or if you just don’t like the colour of the floor (that one’s a real complaint) if you work in healthcare you will complain about it.
  2. You’re tired like all the time. If you don’t get regular caffeine fixes you seriously start to suffer and therefore people around you will also suffer. I ran out of milk a few days before leaving for Christmas so I didn’t have tea or coffee for 2 days and I spent so long in bed being exhausted with a pounding headache, it wasn’t even funny. I had to drag my butt to the corner shop to buy an unhealthy amount of energy drink before I felt human again.
  3. All the people you know also work in healthcare. Seriously all of them. Usually because you work so much that when you go home you eat and sleep so really all your socialising is done at work which results in a very homogeneous friendship group.
  4. All your family work in related fields. True story! The amount of people with family that also work in healthcare is very high. Not sure if its nature or nurture but either way.
  5. You snack rather than eat meals. Who needs to eat meals when there’s always someone’s birthday doughnuts? You’re probably too busy for lunch anyway.
  6. When you get sick, you don’t go to a Dr. Why would you go to a Dr? You’re not that sick. If you’re not in serious danger of dying it’s classed as ‘a bit under the weather’.
  7. Your flat is dirty. Because you spend all your time working in a place that’s clean all the time. You expect your flat to magically get the same treatment but it doesn’t and you resent it so you’re flat is staying dirty. It’s good for your immune system which you need.
  8. You get annoyed at medical TV shows. They are wrong. It doesn’t work like that. How do they all have perfect hair?! You get too angry at the inaccuracies that you can’t follow the incredibly loose plot.
  9. You always know all the gossip. But you can never remember why. Sometimes you meet people for the first time that you already know personal details about for some reason.
  10. You’re awesome. You save people’s lives (or you make it possible for other people to save people’s lives) and you rock.

Day 5