Monday, 27 January 2014


So today I was going to blog about some things that have been annoying me recently.
  • Why do people make so much noise when they eat?
  • Why is everyone in the north so loud?
  • Why are men so short/why am I so tall?
  • Why can't I pass this stupid exam? (I did after 5 goes)
  • Why is a whole packet of biscuits cheaper than a slice of cake?
But then I decided that it really doesn't matter! Me being annoyed by something doesn't change it and if anything, it stops it from being fixed as now all my energy is going into anger. So I've been trying not to let things bother me and focus on the good things.
  • How much I like my new handbag
  • How good clean sheets are
  • How entertaining Friends is even though I've seen all of them so many times
  • How catching the bus at the right moment makes you feel like a commuter legend
  • How home smells right when you walk though the door
So that's 5 good things to balance out 5 annoying things and balance is important, trust me I fall over a lot both metaphorically and physically (5 ft 10 with size 4 feet which is a lot of height for such little ground contact). I'm counting today as neutral and going to bed before I fall over!

Day 16