Saturday, 25 January 2014

How I get ready for a night out

I have to be at the venue by 10pm ready for a night out.

6:00pm - I should probably have some dinner or shower or something
6.05pm - Oh look, Dr Who on iPlayer!
7.00pm - Ok dinner time (microwaves left over chinese take away)
7.30pm - Finally Get into Shower
8.00pm - Why does showering take so long when you have to shave your legs?!
8.05pm - Dry hair with argan oil and heat protect spray
8.20pm - What should I wear????
9.00pm - Ok Im happy with my outfit
9.10pm - Or should I wear something else??
9.20pm - No Im back in the original outfit
9.25pm - Curling time!
9.55pm - Why does this take so long?!
9.58pm - Damn Im meant to be there in 2 mins!
9.59pm - Text from friends to say they will be 30 mins late (phew)
10.05pm - I should paint my nails!
10.15pm - Why did I paint my nails? Now I have to wait for them to dry. I know Ill blog!
10.30pm - Shit Im meant to be there!!! Byeeeeeee

Day 14