Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Just One Thought...

When I started this 100 days blogging, I thought it wouldn’t be that difficult because really I just had to have one idea a day to talk about. That’s all; one single thought that I could share. Well it turns out today I don’t have any thoughts, well I do but they are all half formed and not ready for sharing yet. 

That is such an introverted thing to say. We have been learning about our personality types and the implications of them at work. I am an INTP which means I won’t open my mouth without having thought about it first. Now get a glass of wine into me and this quickly goes out the window but, with hindsight, it makes sense.

However I have noticed that, since being told this, it has given my brain a get out of jail free card. I now find myself not engaging and thinking – its ok I’m an introvert with a thinking type so I’ll think about things and let the rest wash over me.  This is bad because I don’t want to be quite so quiet especially at such a pivotal year in my life.

I also wonder how I manage to be that quiet and still pride myself on my spontaneity and risk taking. I appear to be a walking contradiction. Maybe I will try and be more spontaneous this week and drag myself out from behind the introvert label.

Hey look at that, I did have a thought today.

Day 11