Sunday, 19 January 2014

Making Friends is Hard

When I decided to move to Manchester, people said oooh that’s brave to relocate but I thought they were silly because I’ve moved to the other side of the planet and been fine so surely moving somewhere in England (even if it is in the north) I would be fine! But it’s not the same at all.

Firstly when I moved to Australia I had two other girls with me. Granted we knew each other very little before we moved but the fact there were three of us meant we could go out together and meet people. It’s not really socially acceptable to go to a bar or a club by yourself so I don’t have that option here. Places where it’s socially acceptable to go by yourself aren’t generally places you strike up a conversation: for example if you see someone by themselves in a coffee shop you leave them too it because you don’t want to disturb them or they might be waiting for someone.

Secondly, Australians will talk to anyone! You just strike up a convo with whoever you happen to be standing next to and go from there. I know the north is meant to be friendly but they aren’t that friendly, they should call it the north is socially inappropriate because people just randomly talk to you (and touch you on the arm and stuff – what’s with that?!) and then never hear from them again. It’s bizarre. So you can’t even meet people while out and about.

It’s the thing that I’m finding the most difficult about being here – that it’s very hard to socialise on your own. Even if you find someone you get on with, they will have a fully formed social group of their own that it won’t be easy to just slot you into. I guess I didn’t realise how good it was in uni when everyone just knows everyone.

I’m still taking pole classes so I meet people through that, but it’s not an activity you can socialise while doing as you’re concentrating on not going splat on the floor! I did appoint myself social secretary last week though and loudly announced that I was going for a pint and all were welcome to join me which a few did so I have hopes for that. And I’ve found a new church that sounds promising so I’m going along to the pm youth meet up for that tonight to check it out!

I’ve been here 4 months and it’s just feels like I’m putting heaps of effort in and getting little return but I have high hopes for the next month and if all fails I will buy 20 cats and become the most fabulously dressed crazy cat lady!

Day 8