Thursday, 30 January 2014

Yes its another "tall person" post

Taylor,  my (height) twin
I stumbled across this article this afternoon and every point rang true. It was called: “23Things Only Model-Tall Girls Can Relate To” And while I don’t tend to put myself in any category that had “model” attached to it, the tall thing for sure!

Boys were comically shorter than you until the end of high school. 
I grew to 5’8 at age 12, have you ever seen a giant 12 year old girl?! So gangly and awkward, school was not fun. Growing again at age 21 was just insult to injury! 5'10 just seems too much.

Worry whether a Tinder/OK Cupid/miscellaneous blind date is shorter than you (or lying about his height on his profile) and not knowing for sure until you get there. 
This is something I have issues with at the moment. However asking “How tall are you?” as your first question seems to put guys off.

Having (shorter) friends judge you for caring about dating people taller than you. 
It’s not shallow ok, some of us have issues feeling feminine because we are doing a she hulk impression 24/7, don’t tell us we have to endure that in a relationship too!

Secretly seethe a bit when you see a random very short girl kissing a very tall guy on the street.
Why is she dating him? She should leave the tall guys for the tall girls! There should be a maximum height difference law so that short girls can’t date everyone and steel the good tall guys.

Have to either wear flats when you're with your boyfriend or tower over him. 
Seriously? Me? Flats? No.

Having your significant other or friends actually tell you not to wear heels. 
Repeat: Seriously? Me? Flats? No.

Pants always fit your waist/legs but not the long way. 
Leggings and belts are my permanent friends and boots that hide that my jeans don’t come close to my ankles are a life saver.

You have bad posture from trying to appear shorter in your younger and more self-conscious days. 
And more to that, I have aching thighs after a night out with short girls because I’ve spent the night in a perpetual half-squat!

You're always asked if you play sports. 
Stereotype much?!

You're always asked exactly how tall you are, even by strangers. 
Does it matter? I’m tall ok the specifics don’t matter.

Jacket sleeves and long-sleeved shirts are too short. 
Long gloves are a good option but you can’t put them on while wearing your coat, so if you’re out and have to take your gloves off, you’re not putting them back on. Poor chilly hands.

"Can I wear this shirt as a dress?" 
No. Can I wear this dress as a shirt? Yes.

Rompers give you major cameltoe. 
So annoyed at this one because who has the time to choose both a top and bottom? Plus I bought the cutest penguin playsuit, wore it once then had to retire it to my “You’re too tall for this” section of my wardrobe. It’s like being on a diet and having clothes that you’re slimming into but there isn’t any chance of me suddenly shrinking. If anything, losing weight just makes me look taller!

When it comes to twin beds, you basically have the same problems as a guy. 
Footboards are a no-no. I have learnt to sleep curled up to avoid this but then it’s hard to cuddle.

Any time you are on a road trip, plane, or any mode of transportation where the person in front of you can "recline," it becomes the Worst Trip In The World. 
I’ve started picking the tallest check in assistant and asking if I can be near the emergency doors because they know the pain of being crammed in an economy seat with your knees by your ears.

Combing through the sad, sparse Size 9 clearance rack. 
Ok I don’t have this issue. My feet are rather short but very wide, it’s like they grew as wide as they should be for my height, but then forgot about the growing long bit…. Sounds like something I would do.

Hot sexy dancing, especially in the presence of shorter females, is often a bow-legged and uncertain process (especially "getting low," I really wish people would stop getting low). 
I’ve just decided I will never be able to do this.

Men often think they are giving you a priceless compliment by commending your height as beautiful and often assume that they are the first to do so. 
Stranger: “Wow you’re really tall!”
Me: “Really?! I hadn’t noticed!!!

You've hit your head on everyone’s dining room chandelier/ hanging light fixture. People saw. You blamed the light fixture. 
I usually then fall over from the shock of being hit in the head. It’s not just lights either: trees, door frames, stairs, you name it.

You can rarely be lifted up/carried/thrown down onto the bed. 
Very disappointing.

Not being able to swap clothes with friends. 
Without needing leggings to stop my bum hanging out.

Friends and family buying you larger sizes than you actually wear just because you're "so tall!" 
Well oversized jumpers are in?

That awkward period where you feel clunky and mannish next to all of your friends. 
Yea that period is called “awake” for me.

So anyway, that’s my run down of being tall. People always say they’d love to be tall, well just try it and see how irritating it is! And on that note, I’m going out to dinner with a girl who just texted me to ask if I’m wearing heels so she can pick her shoes.

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